Week 17 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

Just to be sure. When you say S9 you mean S9 literally but not S9/S9+, right?

Any way to use DARK theme on PHONE app? I searched for it on settings but I could not find it. I asked about this in prev. weeks but got answer.

Call waiting can be disabled as a workaround of call waiting putting first call on hold, but this is still happening (first call being placed on hold when a 2nd call comes in)

When it was introduced, dark theme caused problems in several apps, including the phone app so it was disabled in many apps until the problems got fixed. You can get an idea of the current status by searching for ‘dark mode’ in the open issues list


It should work on both s9 and s9+ …I have the s9 and the developer who is working on this has the s9+ !! We hope to test in on both devices. Will share the list of devices on which the OTA OS update gets tested in these weekly updates

Thank for this valuable information! That solves one problem for me.

Hello Manoj,
27 of april I updated my FP3 with the stable release v 0.16. It seems that all went well.
But then I discovered that I cannot reach all the /e/ sites with my home wifi or mobile internet. The updater too cannot connect the internet.
I got 2 messages:

  2. control the configuration of the save DNS.
    My home e-mail and some app’s still works.
    I hope there will be a solution for this problem.

What happens if you change DNS server, does it work?:
Settings > search DNS

Hello andrelam,
Thanks for your reply. I have earlier tried that settings but it does not help.

I checked with the team and they were not able to replicate this issue on the FP3 with the v0.16. Pl can you add a bug on Gitlab with the details.

Do you use TrackerControl ?

Hello Piero,
No I dont use a TrackerControl. Thanks for your reply.
I just found out that with the update a setting was changed.
When I open the browser and go to the 3 dots right at the top then there is Settings menu. From there I opened Privacy and Security. And then Using Safe DNS. There I changed the setting in using my own service provider and everything is working now.
Thanks again.


Thanks for the update Huib.

I had the same issue with one of my /e/ devices …

For “look and feel” why don’t we put Bliss launcher on Google play store? It’s easier than flash a smartphone and could make some people more confident by trying the UX before jumping :wink:

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Hi Julien ,
Hmm I know some folks are going to jump at the word Google Play Store …but not a bad idea. Interestingly the FDroid apk was not posted by the /e/ developer. When I told him about it he was surprised that the apk was available there. Will check with him if he is interested in putting Bliss there.

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Well, even if it is the Google play store, it is still a channel of communication to promote /e/ and tease people. :blush:

Any news on this? (20 chars)

The updates on this issue if any can be tracked on the bug you raised.


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