Week 21 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

Testing of v0.17

  • Start got delayed due to the following reasons

    • Testing process changes . This is resolved now.
    • Failure of a few devices to build

    The devices for which the build failed are :
    FP3, a7y17lte,bacon,cheryl,jfltexx,m8,marlin,mata,mido,sailfish,santoni,taimen,wt88047

    Once team is in office today 24th May, will be following up on the builds for these devices as well as the testing.

What comes in as part of v0.17

  • Updates to the App Store
  • Improvement to microG
  • Browser app links leading to google sites removed
  • Green tint on front camera in FP3+ fixed
    To get the complete list of issues resolved click here

ETA for completion of v0.17 testing : 01 Jun

ETA Release of v0.17 for all users : 04 Jun

Both dates are based on happy scenarios where there are no major issues identified during testing. In case such issues come up there may be delays.

OTA OS Upgrade testing

  • The expected start date for the S9 / S9+ OTA OS upgrade testing is today 24 May
  • There was an issue with the IMEI not showing up post the upgrade .
    A developer was working on this issue. Once resolved we will start the testing. Will update on progress.

/e/ Gitlab ID creation
/e/ Gitlab new user ID creation has been enabled again but for only a few domains…this would include e.email, protonmail, tutanota and their short variations; as well as our partners like fairphone.com.
In case you are still not able to create a new ID pl get in touch with support@e.email
The ID creation had been stopped for a short time as were having issues with bots creating multiple ID’s.

26 May updates
v0.17 testing

  • Issues have been identified in the testing of v0.17. This includes bugs in the microG updates. The dev team is working on resolving the issue and will release a new build to the testing team to test.

OTA OS Upgrade testing
There will be a delay in start of the OTA OS upgrade testing. This is because as mentioned there is an issue with the IMEI disappearing in the device once it is upgraded. Device vendors when they release OTA upgrades do location specific builds. The development team is working on resolving this issue.

Inclusions to device list
We will be resuming release of devices --devices added to the official supported list.
This week we expect to release

  • LG G4 (h810_usu)
  • LG G4 (h811)
  • LG G4 (h812_usu)
  • LG G4 (h815)
  • LG G4 (h815_usu)
  • LG G4 (vs986_usu)
    These devices have a maintainer

We will be announcing the release of one of the Teracube devices hopefully this week.Pl wait for the official announcement

Yesterday we announced a new joint initiative with other European tech companies and cooperatives: FairTEC.
The idea behind this coalition is to create awareness around different initiatives in the mobile industry from the phone to the OS to the mobile service provider and the channel that are trying to limit impact on natural resources and putting the user front and center.
It started from a discussion with Fairphone, Telecoop a new mobile service provider in France and Commown, a cooperative that rents Fairphone’s.
It then extended to WeTELL and The Phone Coop in Germany and in the UK.
Furthermore, it could expend to other companies in the mobile industry in the future.
Checkout their website

Will be updating these details during the week as more details are available.

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Hi Manoj,
no news about integrating testing mode for Nougat and Oreo?
Thank you

Hi Julien,
Are you checking on the v0.17 or the OS OTA upgrade testing

Any news on this timer bug? https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/3034

This is mildly annoying because it’s just a missing string causing the issue. Should be fixed easily I guess?

I didn’t know these are 2 different things.
I thought that, on the last 0.16 we could switch in testing mode and OTA upgrade to 0.17test
Am I wrong?

Yes you can do that on the last dev v 0.16 build.

It seems that, this option is not available on Hammerhead

I am not sure it is available on Nougat builds. It is there on Oreo and Pie builds. Will check about the Nougat devices.

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@Libre, timer bug: I looked into it, the causation is clear, but there are more translation strings affected across languages and at least one other App. The Weblate import process needs some analysis. This will group the issues displaying the “no translation found for…” string unexpectedly in the UI to benefit from that analysis.

Hello Manoj

I have build and sideloaded an unofficial 0.17-q for xz2c. In the resolved issues I read alot with microg+EN was resolved. When I was on 0.16-q it was also a hassle to install EN. After it worked I uninstalled it again. Now with 0.17 it again doesn’t work as intended. Beeing an unoffical build can’t be the issue right?

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There is an issue with the microG fixes on v0.17 which is being resolved. v0.17 is an official test build. A build we release to the testing team before it goes out to all users.

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Just for my personnal information, Is there a new batch of officially supported devices planned?

Especially some devices which are supported by LineageOS as the lasts Oneplus… :innocent:

Looking forward to this. I’m ready to order…

Will this thread be updated when the FP3 issue is over? TIA

Yes this thread and all points raised in this thread get updated when there are new inputs.If the fixes do not happen in that week the issue is carried over to the next weeks post in this category


Thank you Manoj! I’m planning to buy a couple of Fairphones directly here at /e/, but I’d stick to FP3 models, as the increase of camera resolution doesn’t interest me (and is extra cost) -so maintaining FP3 compatibility is significant to me.
Thanks again!

FP3 in this context refers to the FP3 and the FP3+. There’s no distinction because they get exactly the same builds …


It’s not only the cameras, they improved the speaker, too, for instance …