Week 21, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

Hello @aibd ,

no, no – that’s too BIG a job for me …
and beside that: I suppose that R will be the last version for good old a3xelte & Co. But R still fits, and if you really like to mess around with it, you’ll find an unofficial v1.0-rc.4-r for a3xelte at https://ecloud.global/s/MBR85BB4pLewAAT .
Maybe we can still push it to “official” eventually :wink:

Hi, probably this is not a very relevant topic but if you are able to just link the answer, I can study on my own… Thanks

Hi @netneut1984 welcome to the forum; this is a slightly complex judgement call covering a few issues. It would justify asking the question again in a new thread … and of course there is an excellent Search feature in the forum, and checkout #e-devices:fairphone.

Thanks for the link @RdLr, I will be sure to try it. If we were to open a support thread for the device, I will include a review !

I think a few of us think that the job of ROM maintainer is a bit big for us!

However, in the case of /e/ and this device, a3xelte, the ROM maintainers are active at Lineage as you pointed out.

I believe in these cases we could conceive of Community device support {repetition !} With a little encouragement I might draft some sort of proposal.

@aibd done, thank you for your assistance Q to R Fairphone 3+