Week 25, 2023 : Development and Testing Updates

Thanks for the clarity now! :+1:

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Could anyone explain me how to know, from this link, what fixes actually come with the release? I’m not a specialist at all and it is hard to make my way through this.



I also dont really get which link is the correct one for the future release. Or at least which link is what.

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I agree, for the average user that I am it would be more convenient to get a clear changelog rather than a list of the v1.12 group milestones.

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you can find a clear changelog here everytime there is a new release : https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases

Depends on your definition of a clear changelog.
https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/releases/-/releases can be late (where is 1.12 there currently?), it’s partly incomplete (where is 1.10 anything other than -s, for instance?), and it’s more of a highlight teaser than what we should expect from a clear changelog, I think.

Thanks, I know this page, it’s a release note page and not a changelog. Also it is not yet updated to 1.12, I guess the update of the release page comes after the publication of the “Fixes coming as part of this release” link in the weekly update. Which causes questions from average users :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand the confusion among users in figuring out what will be coming in a particular release by checking the milestone information. This is because for each release we have to make multiple builds… beta versions, rc versions. Each of these are first tested by the internal testing team and once they give the go ahead it is released to the community testing team. Some of these builds are dropped in case there are issues with it. These different versions show up in the milestone release list, all with the same tag as v1.11 or v1.12.
The concise and final what is coming in the release information comes when we finally release the build. As at that time we also have a clear picture of what can be released and what issues need further testing or development.
I will link the final release notes in the main thread, once the build has been published for all user…which should happen later today - 20 June.


/e/OS 1.12.3-S-dev for the Fairphone 3 (and FP3+, of course) is now ready for OTA installation.

As this always creates confusion otherwise: dev, not stable (yet).
If you bought your FP3 or FP3+ with /e/OS pre-installed, you are on stable.


Same for FP4, in dev, not stable :wink:


Will all the supported devices get 1.12.3 this week, or may the staggered release go into next week?

Until June 28.


I;m also saddened by this as well. I am intrigued enough to see what it takes to build the images, but a lot of it would be a learning curve, which is the interesting part for me at least.

Thanks for the info.

It would be nice if there was a list that was updated as each update is released.

It would save us keen ones repeatedly pressing the refresh key every few hours (and maybe help your server).

Depending on whether you are on the dev or stable release channel, the builds available for download should serve as a strong indication for your S9+ star2lte:

dev build is available for download … https://images.ecloud.global/dev/star2lte/
stable build is not available for download yet … https://images.ecloud.global/stable/star2lte/

Sorry, I should be been more specific. I meant the OTA downloads.

After a year of using /e/OS I found out that OTA arrives on my FP4 (stable) on average 10 days after the announcement of a new version. You should make your own experience with your device and channel :grinning: There once was a page on Gitlab describing the availability of builds, it was giving a rough idea. Can’t find this page anymore for a few versions now.

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Me too. If the manual install builds are available for download, that’s a strong indication that the OTA builds are available, too.

Dev should be available OTA …

Stable manual install isn’t there yet, so I wouldn’t bother looking OTA.

The relationship of the availability between the two is probably not very exactly 1:1, that’s why I would say “strong indication” :wink: .