Week 25 : Development and Testing Updates

Official Support additions

LG G4 (h810_usu)
LG G4 (h811)
LG G4 (h812_usu)
LG G4 (h815)
LG G4 (h815_usu)
LG G4 (vs986_usu)
Samsung J5 (j5y17lte)

Builds once made to be tested by ROM Maintainer prior to release to all users.
23 Jun Update

  • Officially supported
    LG G4 (h810_usu)
    LG G4 (h811)
    LG G4 (h812_usu)
    LG G4 (h815)
    LG G4 (h815_usu)
    LG G4 (vs986_usu)

  • Build Issues
    Samsung J5 (j5y17lte)

We are working on resolving the issue

Devices yet to receive v01.7
Users may recall that some of the devices are yet to receive the v0.17 release. This was because the builds had failed for these devices.

  • Issue resolved for :
    • Essentia PH1Mata
    • Razer Cheryl

These 2 devices builds are being tested before being released for all users

  • Devices being worked upon
    find7 , a3xelte , a5xelte , jactivelte , bacon, gts4lvwifi, hlte, s5neolte , a7y17lte ,m8 , s3ve3gxx , wt88047, jfltexx ,crackling, mido , santoni

  • Some of these builds are failing due to lack of internal space to store the default OS. Even with the MINIMAL_APPS setting the builds are failing.

MINIMAL_APPS is a setting in our build process which removes a few of the default applications from a build. This setting is applied for devices which have a limitation on internal storage space and cannot accommodate the complete /e/OS build. Check the build guide for more details

  • At present the following default apps are removed as part of the MINIMAL_APPS …LibreOffice viewer, PDFViewer, Maps and Weather.

  • There are two options to solve this issue of storage space

    • Add more default applications to the MINIMAL_APPS list
    • Drop support for these devices.

We want to avoid dropping these devices as some of them are quite popular with /e/OS users

A developer is working on optimizing the MINIMAL_APPS settings so that all devices can get builds.

FP3/ 3+ issue with loss of mobile data after upgrade to v0.17
Pl check this issue. The team is working on this.

22 June Update

  • Issues on the following devices have been resolved :
    • santoni, mido , cheryl , mata

We are running the builds and hope to publish them soon for all users

  • Issue with small system partition exists on the following device
    • crackling , bacon , m8 , wt88047 , jfltexx , find7

Small System Partition issue Explained

There are a few comments from users quoting the system size on their device and queries as to how it is not enough to store the /e/OS

The response from the build team is as under :

The complete internal storage size is not used for storing the OS.
The /e/ OS and the default apps are installed to the system partition.
System partitions are fixed in size on devices.
A 64Gb storage capacity means for the whole of the emmc chip.
For example on the Bacon irrespective of 16 GB emmc or 64GB emmc the size for the system partition remains the same.

This is why we are looking at adding more default applications to the MINIMAL_APPS setting.

FP3 /3+ v0.17 : dev and stable builds have been released for all users. You should be getting the builds on your device OTA shortly

Thread will be updated as more details are available over the week

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


comparing to Stock Samsung Android 5 Lolypop for the Galaxy S 4 jflte
In the AP_I9505XXUHPK2_XEF_ the /system.img
was 2.5gb without carrier adds-on

  • /e/0.15-n-jflte was 0.6gb

Can we use the /cache or /hidden as others do

Looking forward to the ability to delete system apps installed during flash as well as MINIMAL_APPS builds to devices I have. :+1:

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a3xelte failing to lack of internal space ? with 16Gb ?

And thank you for your work :slight_smile:

and bacon with 64GB?

For an explanation of what the storage size issue is pl check the initial post

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A solution exist, modify the PIT (less for internal storage, more for system)
It is more complicated to go back to stock, you have to repartitioning again…


After rooting with Magisk, 2 apps stopped working for me… Wells Fargo and Amazon Shopping. I tried Magisk Hide with no success…
Waze still giving network error message. Other than that, out of 107 apps that I use, everything is working great.

You are aware that there are 3 differents things to do :

you have to imstall magiskhide + activate magiskhide in magisk settings + select the app you want to lie to ?

Yes I am aware of the steps, thank you for the reminder. I selected apps and tested with both and neither of them worked.

What I found interesting is I can restart the phone and both apps work for a bit, then they both stop working.

For me, he can a advanced install for user ?

If you know your action… why not

Many thanks for the FP3 fix.

It appears that the LiveDisplay is working happily, when toggled anyway.
I didn’t have any data issues so can’t speak to that one.

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Is there a new update for FP3 stable? I did an update last week and can’t find a new one.

@Manoj my version is 0.17-p-20210531117385-stable-FP3.


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Thank you, I am on (a delicious) pie. :slight_smile:

And I mean on the OTA updater.

I received the update via the OTA updater, I’m also on Q. Not sure what the URL for downloading it via a browser is.


@Manoj where is the update in the OTA for the users who already got the broken stable update (0.17-p-20210531117385-stable-FP3)?

The update I have is that the FP stable builds with this fix have already been released. You should have got an OTA build a week back.

My version is: 0.17-p-20210531117385-stable-FP3. There is no other version in the updater

Livedisplay is not working.

What is the latest fp3 pie stable?