Week 31 : Development and Testing Updates

v0.18 testing

  • Expect to release this week for testing. Release for all users ETA is 3rd week of Aug

  • Issue list https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/issues?scope=all&state=opened&milestone_title=%2Fe%2FOS%20v0.18

  • Issues closed: 40 , Open 22 (to be fixed and added to this build if possible)

  • SD card data save issue… this will be coming as a part of v0.18
    A large number of issues related to data loss while trying to save to SD card have been reported. As a short gap solution the dev team will be disabling the SD card for new users. for internal storage. The team will be working on a permanent solution.
    There are 3 scenarios here

    • User already running /e/ with an SDCard mounted as internal storage
      here there will be no change. Future builds will warn user it would be better to move to external storage
    • user already running /e/ with an SDCard mounted as external storage
      here there will be no change
    • New user who will install /e/ from v0.18, and wants to use a SDCard
      it will be automatically be used as external storage, without possibility to use it as internal storage
      I know this is not the optimal solution but is better than losing photos of your new born or photos you snapped on a vacation.

Will share more details on the development and testing in these threads.

Important issues dev team is working on

  • Device specific
    • Teracube 2 - the next update will include some performance improvements

    • GS290

    • the audio issue with some Bluetooth peripherals is fixed, the patch will be deploy in the next update

    • FP3

      • the no LTE issue is still waiting for some inputs, as the team is not able to reproduce yet e/backlog#2104 (comment 106083)
      • from the next update, all new FP3 users will only be able to use SDCard as external storage. For current user, nothing change but we advise to move all SDCard used as internal storage to external storage
      • the next update will allow users to send MMS with data disabled
    • Upgrade S9 OTA from oreo to Q

      • We will have resources available from this week to restart work on this

Android R beta testing

For details check this thread

New Devices in Official Support list

  • As of today we have request to support 1000 + devices. We are planning by starting support for all devices already supported by LOS. That would mean a 100 + devices will be added. Next we will move to popular support requests based on availability of ROM Maintainers.
    I am aware we have a group of users who want us to focus on only a handful of devices. The idea behind /e/ is to cover a wider range of users spread across continents and user skill levels. Not all devices are available in all countries…for e.g. Fairphone is not available in India.
  • This release plan will be shared on a week by week basis starting from week 33

This thread will be updated through the week

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Is there any progress on the OTA upgrade for the esolution phones? Also, can you please update the esolutions web pages to note that the S9 phones come installed with Oreo? thanks!

OTA upgrades are available on all phones installed with the official /e/ builds. If you are referring to the OS upgrade then that is not possible on any of our devices as yet. It is still under development. Will update progress if any in the main post.
Also will check the the website team to update the OS status along with the Device on the eSolutions shop.

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Glad to hear the SD card issue explained (sounds like the same issues we see with Fairphone 3 users running the standard Fairphone OS Android 10) – I was actually worried I would not be able to use my SD card as external storage anymore (how I always used it for my 200 GB of music). The solution now sounds absolutely fine :+1: The term “external SD” easily creates confusion.


Thanks for the comment…have made a correction in the original post


So happy to hear the GS290 bluetooth issue is solved. Thank you team /e/.

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