Week 34 : Development and Testing Updates

This is something that really should be clearly stated in the install instructions, and it may differ per phone model;

I guess that at least for Fairphone 3 and on, stock ROM upgrade is not required, as long as /e/ have the relevant version of firmware;
“/e/ gets the relevant firmware parts from Fairphone and includes them.”
from Failed update, why (q0.17, FP3) - #4 by AnotherElk

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Edit: speaking only for the FP3 - at the moment, for both the Q and R images, you can skip stock and go directly. As fairphone.com didn’t publish an official A11 image - they, /e/ 0.18 itself (since #3670) and lineage (17+18) all flash the same firmware partitions to A.0107 currently.

Only difference is - if you use the FP3_flashall script, it writes to A and B slot, while the OTA way, you flash (in principle) the inactive slot (should confirm this some time :slight_smile: ). But this is easy to overcome, you can flash to parity (dd src dst) between a/b slots in fastboot at any time (given an unlocked bootloader).

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Well, we’ll see when Fairphone OS Android 11 comes – it was vaguely scheduled for “second half of 2021”. As @molej said, /e/ should include Fairphone’s firmware parts in their upgrade, but then again, I will have to do a clean install for /e/OS Android 11 anyway, so turning to Fairphone OS Android 11 before /e/OS Android 11 won’t be so much extra effort (if the time window in between the release dates of both isn’t too big).

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The entire information provision regarding /e/ is rather gnarly and cluttered.
Take for example the releases of R , which roms are already released , I can’t figure it out .
It seems like /e/ is in all ranks , like walking in a maze.

No /R/ ROMs have been released by /e/ yet, except test builds, targeted at the groups who maintain and/or test specific device ROMs. @Manoj has included a link to the release plan in the first post


Still no OTA update 0.17 → 0.18 nougat for my One Plus One visible. Is that correct for now or should i do “things”? :flushed:

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Seems correct … https://images.ecloud.global/dev/bacon/