Week 34 : Development and Testing Updates



Fix will be released as part of v0.19

  • FP3 no audio issue
    • A team 3-4 developers were working on it.
    • We have a fix which should be released to a select group of testers today 23 Aug-
    • On their approval the build will be released for all users ASAP
      Update 24 Aug Positive feedback from the users on Gitlab. Multiple users who tested the fix have confirmed that it works. That means we should be able to release it for all users ASAP. Thanks all for your support
      You can track the updates for this issue here
      Update 25 Aug
      An updated build for the FP3 dev users will be rolling out soon.

Update 27 Aug

  • Yet to be released
    • Stable builds on v0.18
    • dev v0.18 builds for devices still on Nougat
    • Some issues were detected with the builds during testing. We expect to release them early next week.

/e/ R

  • First set of devices on /e/ R to be released starting this week.
  • List of devices to be upgraded to R or added to our supported list
    [LIST] Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices
  • List can be modified in case builds fail or there are other issues during the build process
    Points to remember
  • Devices with Stock 11 ROM need an upgrade to stock before flashing /e/R . Note this will wipe out your existing data. Take backups if required.
  • This manual upgrade is required as the default Updater application does not upgrade the OS and on detecting a different OS tends to block the installation. There are development efforts in progress to modify the updater app but they are still not complete and do no have any ETA from the team.
    Update 25 Aug There will be a delay in this weeks release. It may be released during this weekend.

Development Updates

  • will update on any developments besides once mentioned above.

This thread will be updated through the week

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Is it known when v0.18 or v0.19 will be available for gigaset gs290 ?

The v0.19 is a couple of weeks out. Will check on what happened to the GS290 v0.18 build and update

I am missing the v0.18 for the Samsung Note9 (SM-N960F).

I’m also missing the 0.18 dev build for the Motorola G4 (athene).

  • Devices with Stock 11 ROM need an upgrade to stock before flashing /e/R . Note this will wipe out your existing data. Take backups if required.

Is there a difference flashing Fairphone 3(+) with /e/R shipped with /e/OS pre installed?

Unable to check for system updates from my GS290. Complaints about network problems which makes no sense.
Any suggestions?

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There is a network issue the team is working on right now. This would prevent the OTA images from showing up. It should be resolved in a couple of hours.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Is there a known delay of the release of 0.18q for Galaxy S9/S9+ (dev channel)? It’s not available so far. Any information on that?


Typo? You mean stock 10 (Q) to stock Android 11 (R), right?

Will check and update

I meant the Android 11 …if available flash it before going to /e/ R . Where available use the latest stock ROM for your device. The /e/ builds do not include the firmware . The flash of stock will update your device internals and prepare it to receive the /e/ R.


Is there a /e/ R OS update planned for GS290?
Will be a OTA update?

At the moment, it is not possible to upgrade from Android 10 / Q to Android 11 / R using the Updater app. So if an /e/ R Build does appear, it will have to be installed manually

I guess this recommendation (/e/OS Android 10 → Stock ROM Android 11 → /e/OS Android 11) applies to all devices, right?

It won’t apply to devices for which no stock Android 11 ROM is available. Many devices supported by /e/ have had no updates to their stock firmware beyond Android Pie, Oreo or even earlier

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Speaking of fw updates. Some Xiaomi devices which won’t have Android 11, surprisingly does have Android 11 fw file available. When those devices will get LineageOS 18.1 => finally /e/ OS R update, does /e/ recovery let user update that fw like TWRP does?

OTA OS upgrades are not possible for now. We are working on getting it for the S9 / S9 + . Will share some positive updates in the coming weeks.


I am still awaiting an update from the team as to why some devices have not received a v0.18 update. Sorry for the delay. Will update all once I get an input.


I’ve shopped my gs290 on /e/ site.

If /e/ R available without OTA, will be a specific procedure to install the OS?