Week 45: Development and Testing Updates

Last week there was a slight impact on the progress of development activities as a few of the team members were on vacation.

v0.19 : Released

Status: :green_circle: Completed

  • Issues closed

  • Issues open

  • /e/ R builds have not been released as yet. We will test the /e/ R v0.19 builds this week and release early next week.

  • In case v0.19 builds for your device have not come to your device OTA pl let me know in this thread, and I can have that checked out.

To understand difference between /e/ builds check this guide

/e/ R rollout

Status: :yellow_circle: Slight delay

  • Week 44 devices were not released last week. Delay was due to team members being on vacation. This impacted build and review process. Will club the week 44 and 45 devices and release this week

  • Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices

    List will be updated in case the build fails for specific devices

    :information_source: Installation Tip for /e/R

    Devices with Stock 11 ROM should flash the stock ROM first before flashing /e/ R .
    Pl note this will wipe out your existing data. Take backups if required.
    Manual upgrade is required as the default Updater application does not upgrade the OS and on detecting a different OS tends to block the installation. Read the next section for details

    To find your device codename you can run this command in the console of an adb enabled PC with you phone connected via a usb data cable

    $ adb shell getprop ro.product.device

OS OTA Upgrade Testing

Status: :red_circle: Delayed

  • Release planned for stable s9 s9+ users who are still on oreo

  • OS OTA will not work for the dev Oreo s9 / S9+ builds.

  • Update will work only on the variant with ‘F’ in the device codename which is the international variant for e.g. SM-G960F

  • OS OTA will not work if the device is the Korean variant …denoted by the ‘N’ in the device for e.g. SM-G960N

  • Release planned in a couple of weeks. We had an issue where fingerprint set to unlock the device before upgrading got lost post the upgrade. Another issue was the dialer icon would move out of the dock post the upgrade.

  • As part of the testing after adding the finger print getting lost fix we detected it was not working in all cases. This is now being checked by the developer. One option would be to release the code advising users to remove any fingerprint or pins before the upgrade process.

  • ETA 2-3 weeks.

Apps Installer Updates

Status: :green_circle: On Track

An update for the default App Installer or Apps Store ver is under testing. Among the changes being tested are

  • Integrated Search Fragment with Google Play API
  • Resolved multiple memory leaks
  • Switched to the latest APIs, libraries and removed all deprecated code
  • Layout and theme adjustments to the UI to improve UX
  • Improved memory and performance efficiency
  • Major application refactoring to modularize code for speed and scalability
    Code is still being tested and will undergo changes based on the test results.
    There are issues opened here and here , They were opened separately so we can track the points shared by Nervuri in his analysis. Post the current testing we will assign developers to further take up these issues.
    These fixes should be available with the next build …v0.20 . ETA to be decided

This post will be updated through the week

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How is the process with App Store?

Could you give us an update as to what the problem is with the OS OTA upgrade? In essence, we’ve been getting the same post for the past 10 weeks (since week 35). Is there is technical issue that needs to be resolved, or is this just a management issue?


The first post clearly details technical issues.

The fingerprint problem was identified in Week 38. The dialer icon is probably a trivial fix.

Sorry, but I am just getting frustrated. This update is very important, but the development team doesn’t seem to be prioritizing this. I normally wouldn’t complain about this sort of thing, but esolutions sold me an S9 with Android 8, which is, frankly, unacceptable.

Will this next update of version R fix the problem of low speed in wifi and data?
In my Pocophone f1 I see that the speed when browsing the internet becomes very slow when loading pages in the browser or opening the telegram app. Also when sending files by whatapps or telegram.
And finally I do not know if it would be possible to leave the IR operational in next versions.
Thanks for your work and for that wonderful rom.

May be true.

What seems unacceptable to you is wiping your data and having to install from scratch when upgrading to Q currently. Fair enough, nobody really wants to have to do that.

But this is as much caused by an OTA upgrade not being available as by you as a user being in a position so that it is unacceptable to you. It isn’t unacceptable for everybody.

/e/OS Q is available for your phone and the phone is even supported by the Easy Installer. This is a situation not every /e/OS phone is in.


/e/OS is open source: no complains about anything! I love open source projects. If I wanted to try installing /e/ on an old phone of mine, I wouldn’t care if I had to wipe it or even brick it!

esolutions, however, is a company: They misinformed their customers about what operating system is on the phones they sell, and their web site still doesn’t tell you that the S9 ships with Android 8! (They are now even calling the Samsung Galaxy the Murena Galaxy, how can that be legal?) The web site makes you believe that you will get regular updates, but it turns out that this is only for the ROM and not the underlying OS. I bought through esolutions because I am using that device as my primary phone. The only reason that anyone would order through esolutions is because they don’t want to go through the process of installing a custom ROM and perhaps screwing things up. Turns out, if you want to upgrade from Android 8, that’s what you need to do!

In any case, as is probably clear, my opinion is that this is failure of management, not a failure of the developers.


That e/OS is in beta and not in stable , like e/foundation says. That said, they could offer a upgrade to do manually from 8 stable to 10 stable. But seems that not even that is possible. Correct me if I am wrong

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you paid a company for installing in your place, an experimental OS on a recent and expensive refurbished smartphone…
to be abble to test it, as it is ! … ( in Beta-stage)
that is frankly incomprehensible

i am on your side awaiting this OTA upgrade…

Please show me where it says anything like that on the esolutions web site :slight_smile:

For reference, this is the esolutions web site: Murena Galaxy S9 Refurbished – eSolutions – deGoogled phones and services


Opinions on “recent” may depend on the viewer’s mindset about sustainability, as the website itself says it’s “still one of the best smartphones in 2019” (launched in early 2018, says the internet).
I’m all for treating it as recent, but just saying :wink: .

General FAQ :
+ is /e/ stable ?
No – we’re in beta stage at the moment. The system is usable but proceed cautiously.
.Get Support - e Foundation - deGoogled unGoogled smartphone operating systems and online services - your data is your data

you are right, the delay for the support of recent android by the s9 ( abandonned by Samsung and LineageOS ) without loosing prefered-apps and settings is dificultly suportable, but seedvault is coming soon.
also, staying forever in beta stage is a safe way to stay not responsible, i like that ! i love them !


I’ve been anxiously waiting for Android 10 for my S9 also purchased from /e/. Unfortunately, upgrading it myself requires installing the stock Samsung ROM first.

I’m not certain that supporting multiple phones is a particularly good idea for a company like /e/. I wish they’d just pick one to sell in the store.

Anyways, I’ll continue to be patient. I’m sure they’re all overworked and underpaid and I’m overall still really impressed with the effort.


Why is https://iode.tech/en/ then using the phone S9/+ based in Android 11?

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I miss to report past week a little information (not sure if report here).

I have previously reinstall my phone via : images ecloud global/dev/a3xelte/
with this build e-0.18-q-20210813129945-dev-a3xelte.zip => work well :slight_smile:

I have get my OTA upgrade : yeah, work very well, i’m now in V0.19 :+1:
(just always get permoment error system, phone was not rebooted, just on lock screen with this pop up)

I don’t see directly : I have lost my root access via magisk : V23.0 (23000) (21)
App are up and running, magisk is now not installed.

I using root for termux and change some files on system and with mi files manager (simplemobiletools) linked with my nextcloud app to put all files uplouad on my server on sdcard => can’t work without root (i have a permission error)

That looks interesting.

My only concerns are, its not yet fully open source and I can’t see an easy installer.

I am not sure the market will sustain so many degoogled OS providers. Let’s hope some merge and we get the best of each company.

General FAQ :
+ is /e/ stable ?
No – we’re in beta stage at the moment. The system is usable but proceed cautiously.

My update to 0.19-p-20211027142978-stable-FP3 works perfect. :innocent:

no easy installer, but you can buy a refurbished phone too. I might say , if I am not wrong, that e/ services are not full open source, isnt?

My old e-0.9-p-20200602-unofficial-test-kminilte
from @Chimpthepimp
also works like a charm for more than a year.