Week 46, 2022: Development and Testing Updates

Thanks, I have added the word ‘stable’ to the post.


Maybe I’m not seeing it, but are there any release notes for 1.5.1 S?


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I’m curious about that too.

Since my FP3 is stuck on Android 9 (P) I’ll try flashing the 1.5.1-S-dev build.

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Checking on this. Will have it added.


I was able to ADB sideload (through /e/ Recovery) the 1.5.1-S-dev build yesterday on my FP3+ (running /e/OS 1.5-Q-dev until then and having the bootloader unlocked). The actual procedure took hardly more than 5 minutes. Be prepared the UI is quite a bit different after the upgrade. :wink: I lost my Calendar entries (they are still in my Murena cloud though), but Phone, Messages and Contact data all survived the upgrade.


Beside the FP4 is there a ETA for other device like S8/9, Murena One or FP3+ OTA upgrade ?

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Thanks for pioneering. Being curious, I did the same thing, although I am prepared to install from scratch if anything would look suspicious enough after the “dirty” upgrading.
The only issue I encountered so far is Lawnchair 2 not working for me anymore (always stops), Lawnchair 12.1 will not install, but Lawnchair 1 from F-Droid still works. Will have to look into this a bit more.


@AnotherElk @urs_lesse You guys have open bootloader?

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Till end of this year, the development team will be focusing on closing out some of the critical bugs in Gitlab . The builds post v1.5 will be coming out early 2023.

While I welcome a bug cleanup, could you check whether there will be intermediate releases that just ship the current security updates to Android?

I have run into that problem a couple of times, particularly when I “dirty flash”. Uninstalling then re-installing usually fixes it for me. I think it may be due to some change in how Lawnchair 2 handles its settings: I seem to recall that restoring backed up settings after a re-install caused it to behave as you describe.


Yes, I forgot to add that this was after the bootloader was unlocked.

So no stock android before sideloading eos S? Am I brave enough to try this with my Oneplus 8…

Please keep in mind that the e foundation and Fairphone have an official partnership going, so we Fairphone users expect /e/OS to have the relevant firmware bits included for our devices (at least from the Fairphone 3 on).
Circumstances on other devices might differ.


Hi @Manoj ,
I tested the v1.5-rc R in test channel on OP8T - codename Kebab - and then installed the stable version, all things work perfectly. But recently I realized that the Bluetooth audio does not work when using none /e/ apps. ie : when listening my podcasts on antennapod or my music on VLC the audio stops in 1-2 min. This is not the case when i use the music /e/ default app. Has this ticket already been raised?


I flashed /e/-S on my FP3 without flashing stock first, everything works as of now. I’ll create a short Topic about this :slight_smile:


I am currently on 1.5 r dev and I tried to go to 1.5 r stable. I sideloaded the stable version with erecovery and everything went fine. Still, my phone, Oneplus 8, shows me that I am on dev:

e_instantnoodle-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20221102.151621 dev-keys

Any comments?

Please post a screenshot from your “Device Info”.

It should show the currently installed /e/OS version. It MIGHT be that the dev-keys are just for signing something which is not tied to the “flavor” of the /e/OS build.

Here we go :wink:


Ok, I found this

And yes there it says it is eos version is stable. I mix it with the build number. Thank you for help me to find this information!