Week 46 : Development and Testing Updates

/e/ R rollout

Status: :green_circle: On track

  • Week 44 and 45 devices were released last week.

  • Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices

    List will be updated in case the build fails for specific devices

    :information_source: Installation Tip for /e/R

    Devices with Stock 11 ROM should flash the stock ROM first before flashing /e/ R .
    Pl note this will wipe out your existing data. Take backups if required.
    Manual upgrade is required as the default Updater application does not upgrade the OS and on detecting a different OS tends to block the installation. Read the next section for details

    To find your device codename you can run this command in the console of an adb enabled PC with you phone connected via a usb data cable

    $ adb shell getprop ro.product.device

OnePlus Nord release

Status: :green_circle: Completed

As you may be aware we released the OnePlus Nord avicci as a pre installed device on our eSolution Shop. The dev and stable builds for the device are now available.

  • Builds are on /e/ Q . Device is yet to be ported on /e/ R
  • Sales of the device is only in EU as yet. Device is not whitelisted by vendors like TMobile and ATT. This prevents a push in US and Canada. :frowning:

OS OTA Upgrade Testing

Status: :red_circle: Delayed

  • Release planned for stable s9 s9+ users who are still on oreo
  • OS OTA will not work for the dev Oreo s9 / S9+ builds.
  • Update will work only on the variant with ‘F’ in the device codename which is the international variant for e.g. SM-G960F
  • OS OTA will not work if the device is the Korean variant …denoted by the ‘N’ in the device for e.g. SM-G960N
  • Release planned in a couple of weeks. We had an issue where fingerprint set to unlock the device before upgrading got lost post the upgrade. Another issue was the dialer icon would move out of the dock post the upgrade. Fix being integrated to the build.
  • As part of the testing after adding the finger print getting lost issue we detected it was not working in all cases. This is now being checked by the developer. One option would be to release with the advise to users to remove any fingerprint before the upgrade process.
  • Will update the current status on this release during the week

Apps Store updates

Status: :green_circle: On track

A new version of the apps store is undergoing testing. This is the list of changes coming as part of the new version

  • Integrated Search Fragment with Google Play API
  • Resolved multiple memory leaks
  • Switched to the latest APIs, libraries and removed all deprecated code
  • Layout and theme adjustments to the UI to improve UX
  • Improved memory and performance efficiency
  • Major application refactoring to modularize code for speed and scalability
  • Code is still being tested and will undergo changes based on the test results.
  • There are other issues opened separately so we can track the points shared by Nervuri in his analysis. Post the current development and testing developers will take up these issues.
  • These fixes should be available with the next build …v0.20


Status: :green_circle: On track

This is still in its early stages. Issues need to be assigned to the set for release along with v0.20. ETA as yet not decided.

  • Track progress here

v0.19 …/e/ R release

Status: :green_circle: On track
ETA : This week

Update 18 Nove /e/R v0.19 builds are being tested and should be released end of this week.

This post will be updated through the week

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And v0.19 release for /e/-R devices? Is it on track?

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@Manoj can you give an update on the devices on the release list which are in status buil failed and have no designated release week allocated?


Yes it is on track… just updated in the main thread. Will update once I have more details.


The team is working on porting them. Where possible we will add them to future weeks release cycle. If there are serious issues as in we are unable to build for a particular device despite our best efforts, I shall share the details in these updates.

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What is the difference between ‘/e/OS v0.20’ and ‘Sprint v0.20.0-1’ ?

We are breaking up the v0.20 into multiple small sprints or development cycles.The final release would one single build


I’m happy to hear that the App Store is getting some love, this was definitely needed.


Is it known when 0.19 R will be released for my oneplus 5? I can’t quite get my head around when something is released. :blush:

The /e/ R v0.19 builds had some issues which required some additional testing. The test results look promising. Expect to release them end of this week…


There are multiple v0.19R update avalable (at leat for FP3). Should we install only the latest or should we install all updates from the oldest to the newest ?

You can choose only one ! but which one ?
be careful, “the last is not the least”, even if fixes are merged, they can have unexpected collaterals effect s
That’s why stable realease is always delayed

I had the same behavior this morning (multiple updates). I did refresh the updater and they all gone… (No update available)


Perhaps all were buggy !

Always pick up the latest build. It will have the fixes from the previous builds.


I just installed the latest release on my Samsung S9. Now the phone will not unlock. As soon as I draw the (correct) security pattern, I get back to the lock screen. I cannot use my phone anymore, at all.

Rebooting did not fix the problem. If I draw an incorrect pattern, I get an error, so the correct pattern is recognized.

Any ideas ?

Restore lastest working build
using recovery install/update feature
it is stored under /data/lineageos_updates

Indeed, when I checked that the latest ROM was still the current through ecloud.global, I realized that all the updates shown in the updater should be wrong for my device. So I just refresh the updater and they disappeared. Install a wrong build may make the device unusable.
Hope you will be able to restore your data.

Thank you for the tips. The problem is that this new release encrypted my device at the first boot (without asking). Now when I boot in recovery mode, it asks for a password to decrypt data. Since I did not enter any password, I don’t know what the password could be.

In short, this release behaves like a ransomware, except it does not ask for any ransom.

This is annoying indeed. I’m not enough skilled to help you further.
Maybe put your device in fastboot mode and reflash TWRP + ROM from your PC (?)
But all your data will be lost.
Or wait for better advises from advanced users…