Week 46 : Development and Testing Updates

Were you on the testing build …the one you get by changing the setting in Developer options…which enables the ‘Use staging OTA server’ option.

Checking as the Q v0.19 build for s9 stable has not been released . The build is still on Oreo.

I hope we get the OTA Upgrade to Android 10 before the end of the year.

So am I correct that the only advantage of the OTA is the simplicity?

Will the upgrade involve the user selecting the upgrade or will it be automatic?

The main problem I can see is that you end up with a e/os reset, all data gone.

I think the upgrade must be manual, with a big warning on the screen that you will lose all your data when you install and to try to back up what you can. Otherwise you will have many users, large numbers likely to be customers who bought phones from you who don’t read this forum, losing their data and giving up on e/os.

At the moment, there is no comprehensive backup tool.

Something’s you can back up, but it will be an arduous task to set the upgraded phone to the way it was (apps, their settings and their data, phone system settings etc).

The upgrade is manual. It will show up in the download list and has to be manually initiated. Then it upgrades automatically. So far we have not seen any data loss during the testing but a backup is always good.

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Sorry you said this, now you say there is no data loss.

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I meant the devices we used internally for testing were always clean devices with not much data on them. The users who volunteered to help with the testing had data on their devices and that was not lost during the testing. The only loss was of the fingerprint …which is mentioned above.

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Thanks for the clarification.

I did not change the setting in Developer options. I stick to factory settings and trust /e/ to provide stable releases.

Pl can you send the details of the issue to helpdesk@e.email Since you purchased the device from /e/ the team should be able to suggest a solution to this


I emailed helpdesk@e.email yesterday at 17:12 GMT, waiting for a reply…

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@Manoj I was on a stable build before the update. I did not change any setting in the Developer options. I purchased my device from another user on the forum as you no longer sell S9+'s here in the US (He purchased it directly from the /e/ store). When I received the device I did install a fresh copy of /e/ on it and left it as is. I’ve always received stable updates in the past, which is what I thought this was. @aibd I have TWRP on the phone, not sure how to boot into it however. I thought all my pictures where going to my external SD card, apparently I didn’t set it as my primary storage for photos, just music. I have found an old phone and swapped my sim into it so I have something that works. Thanks everyone for the quick response, greatly appreciated, /e/ has been nothing but a positive experience until this update.

Hi @abi I understand that the support team is now following up on the thread. The team is working on finding what caused this issue on specific S9 devices.

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Thanks for the inputs @Archer ,if not already done pl send a mail on helpdesk@e.email The team is consolidating all these complaints on the s9 after the last OTA. The technical team is also assigned to work and respond on the complaints.

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Hi @Archer, the physical buttons are pressed like this to get into Recovery :

With the device powered off - hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power. When the blue text appears, release the buttons.

If the first screen reads alarming or confusing, you are invited to Keep Read Only or Swipe to Allow Modifications, just go ahead and Swipe. You might find this page a little useful if you are not used to the subject, Know your hardware - Samsung.

@Manoj as this thread is due to close soon, shall I open a new support thread to ensure continuity in the subject of unexpected stable upgrade to Andoid 10?

It will be there in the next week updates. It is an important issue and tracking in one place is easier.

Is it known if the 0.19R update will finally come out?

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Perhaps I could have a non-team go at an answer to the 0.19R question which I have seen answered before.

e-0.19 took a lot of testing, a lot of the issues were device specific.

Some devices seem fairly easy to upgrade to R, while for others the solutions seem to run much deeper, but they will nearly all come in the end, I am sure. With some of the devices which are following into R there may also “new tricks” to learn (just my speculation) to get R to run.

As regards 0.19 R, there probably will be no easier answer than reading the comprehensive and excellent update which @Manoj gives us every week in this category.

Thanks to all the team who are working hard to bring this all together


So is it to be expected next week then ?

Is “this week” already over in the timezone you live in?
There might still be a little time :wink: .

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