Week 52 : Development and Testing Updates


Status: :green_circle: Released

  • OS versions released
    • Q
    • Pie
    • Oreo
  • Release Log
  • Not released
    • Nougat
    • R
  • Reason for not releasing Nougat and R
    • Issues with the build.
      ETA for releasing Nougat and R
  • With v0.21 expect to release by end of Jan 2022

Some issues dev team is investigating and working on

  • v0.21 milestone
  • Frequent crashes of Bliss launcher
  • Refactoring eDrive
  • Updates to microG Application
  • Contact groups not syncing with eDrive
  • Update MagicEarth app
  • Update Mail App

Pl Note: This is a tiny subset of what the team is working on. Some of the tasks are still under investigation and need to move to the development and testing phase. Not all of these will make it into v0.21 but will be moved to subsequent builds as per their development and testing dates.

/e/ R rollout

Status: :green_circle: Nearing Completion

  • All devices for week 51 were released last week.

  • This week, we expect to release all the builds that failed during this release cycle.
    Update 31 Dec Unfortunately we will not be able to release the devices scheduled for this week. With most of the team members on year-end vacation, the builds could not be made. Will push to the next week.

  • In this series of releases which started in August 2021 we released

    • Upgraded 81 existing devices
    • Added 61 New devices to the supported list

    Builds that Failed

    • Xiaomi POCO F3 / Redmi K40 / Mi 11X (alioth )
    • Google Pixel 4a 5G (bramble )
    • Google Pixel 4 XL (coral )
    • Google Pixel 4 (flame )
    • OnePlus 8T (kebab )
    • OnePlus 9 Pro (lemonadep )
    • Google Pixel 5 (redfin )
    • Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro (vayu )
    • OnePlus One (bacon )
  • Expect to roll these builds out in the last week.

  • Check out the Release plan for /e/ R on new and supported devices

    :information_source: Installation Tip for /e/R

    Devices with Stock 11 ROM should flash the stock ROM first before flashing /e/ R .
    Pl note this will wipe out your existing data. Take backups if required.
    Manual upgrade is required as the default Updater application does not upgrade the OS and on detecting a different OS tends to block the installation. Read the next section for details

    To find your device codename you can run this command in the console of an adb enabled PC with you phone connected via a usb data cable

    $ adb shell getprop ro.product.device

  • The basic strategy behind the supported device list is

    • Support as many devices as possible
    • Support for as long as possible
    • Upgrade to the latest OS
    • In case we do have to stop support for a device we will put a red flag against it in our supported device list. That way users have a clear idea what to expect on a device build.
  • For the next year we will come out with a list of devices still awaiting updates and share feedback as to which of those devices can be updated.

OS OTA Upgrade Testing

Status :yellow_circle: under testing

  • We are conducting a new iteration of testing on devices available internally. Post that will release to all users requiring an upgrade from S9/S9+ Oreo to Q OTA.
  • Launch for all users along with v0.21…ETA: Towards end of Jan 2022

:loudspeaker: Signing off 2021 :santa: :christmas_tree: :pray:

This is the last update for 2021.
In January, I had started this series of posts. From the response it got, it became clear that users were interested in getting regular and concise updates. Thanks for all the support and feedback shared over these threads.
Here’s wishing all the users a great, prosperous and healthy 2022.
Promise to continue this series and see you in the New Year with more of these weekly updates.

This post will be updated through the week

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Hi @Manoj,

Thanks for the update, nice to be able to follow the work!!

I have a question : I can’t find 0.20 Oreo, which is listed as released, neither here nor in the release log, am I missing something?

Thanks again for all the work!


The release is of the dev build. The stable builds are not yet released for the device.
On the release note, guess the team missed out on adding it. Will ask them to update and add it.


Downloading the new release…

Thank you so much everyone involved in the /e/ OS for making this happen!

Wish you all the best!

Happy New Year 2022!



Thx @Manoj for the great work. It’s realy interesting to follow the project here on the forum and on Gitlab. :+1:


Thanks Manoj for the great communication work here. Transparency is very important in open source projects.
I wish you all readers and the /e/ team a happy new year!


What abouth Apps, it can be use now or still is in process of be fixed?

Pl note App Store and eCloud updates are not coming as part of v0.20.
As part of the testing, we detected a number of issues which still need to be closed. The team has decided to move the release to v0.21 along with fixes to issues identified.

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Dear Manoj Sir

Thank you for keeping us updated. We’re blessed to have such a dedicated community manager.

Thank you for everything and all the best for you and the /e/ team in 2022!


Really looking forward to getting /e/ on my Vayu device.

Happy New Year, @Manoj , hope 2022 is a great year for everyone here!


Happy new year every body!!

It’s a good new to update Mail. The last version of K-9mail (5.800) give a new interface (very similar has Gmail).
And a sync of co,ntact group is a good new too!!

I see that /e/ havec a lot of goal for 2022, enjoy \o/

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