Weird signal handling on Samsung S7 and S8


I have issues with both a S7 and a S8 phone running /e/ os.

Some issues a acceptable (for instance no MMS will ever go trough with the S7 phone).
Other issues are more of a concern:

  • Since a couple system updates, my S7 will no longer connect to LTE networks. Only 3G networks (and I have to choose that by default). I tried resetting the APN, but it did not help.

  • The S8 phone is just the contrary. No 3G connection, only LTE connection.
    The S8 phone hardly never accepts phone calls. Data connection works fine (sms, mms, internet). But no phone call. It is no HW issue as resetting all the APN makes it possible to make a single call, but as soon as data connection is on, something changes and phone calls are impossible. Weird isn’it ?

Any idea on how to investigate that ?

im having similiar issue and cant figure it out.

do you have an old e/os version or point me to where i can find the last version that worked for you? id rather just put an older version on it and have a working phone. thanks

Sorry, I stopped using Eos