Were can I sent my phone to Murena

I had my phone repaired, at Murena they indicate on their website that the phone should not be sent to the company’s headquarters (Paris, av Segur 31) but they do not give the address. I have to have my phone repaired, I paid 89 euros but Murena has never given me an address or instructions despite a dozen emails… Does anyone have a solution? Thanks for your help.

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I can’t help you but I had several problems with my Murena One. I already had an exchange but I still have problems because they sent me a new Murena but already used… and the desk is not responding anymore

Pl can you send a mail to helpdesk@e.email with the issue details. In case you have already sent a mail let me know the ticket number.

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Thanks. Here it is 9914401.
My fingerprint reader deactivates after a few minutes when the phone is in standby. When this happens, the phone starts to slow down and its battery drains abnormally fast in standby.
I also have instability with Bliss launcher

I have already tried to do a full reset several times but the problems persist


I have passed both the mails to the support team (including the ticket #). Will request someone from the team to contact you.


Thank you you’re boost the Murena Service, my phone is on the way :slight_smile:

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