Wetherspoon app doesnt run

Some UK pubs and restaurants now only accept orders via their app. One being Wetherspoon. The app downloads and install from the /e/ app store but doesnt run. Just displays the message “Update now”.

Any suggestions?

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I just downloaded it from the Aurora store and it worked fine.

The version number was 2.6.7

Thanks for your help Derek. I also just downloaded it from Aurora and it installs and works. Last time i downloaded it from the /e/ app store on my Fairphone.

I did get a warning saying that my phone had been rooted and i should prcoceed at my own risk. I havent seen that warning before. Should i be worried?

Could you also please advise when i should use the /e/ Appstore and when i should use Aurora? Should i always use Aurora?

Thanks again. Ian

Yes I got the warning about being rooted too. I think the app is mistaken since as far as I know /e/ does not root devices, but then I am a noob too so what do I know.

The Aurora store carries everything in Google Play store. Whether the apps work or not is another matter.
Aurora logs into Google Play with an anonymous account to do the downloads. If you have an app in Google Play you have previously paid for you can log into Aurora with your Google account settings to retrieve it. Do not forget to log out again afterwards or else you will remain logged into Google Play.

Many apps in Google Play/Aurora contain trackers, so where possible try to find suitable apps either in the /e/ App store, or in the F-droid store. F-droid contains only open source apps.