What about samsung galaxy note 1 N7000?

i see that Galaxy Note 2 is supported. what about samsung galaxy note 1 N7000? can i use the same files?

**NEVER **FLASH A ROM WHICH ISN’T BUILD FOUR YOUR DEVICE. You could brick.your device for ever !!!

The N7100 is old and there is no official lineage version available. So the only chance is to build it for your own. Howto’s you will find here in forum

I am also looking for /e/OS for the samsung galaxy note (GT-N7000) …

There is some lineage (unofficial) … :

* forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note/development/rom-lineageos-16-0-t3927650
* www.lineageosrom.com/2017/01/download-lineage-os-galaxy-note-1.html
* www.getdroidtips.com/lineage-os-15-1-samsung-galaxy-note/
* forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note/development/rom-nightowl-preview-t3455847

Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 was released in October 2011. CPU Exynos 4210 with 1GB RAM.

No developer except an enthusiast will invest time here to build for a ROM. The end of the lifetime (EoL) has long been reached.

Same as steveoriol, I’ve seen unofficial things on xda-developpers.com that would be indeed more recent than replicants or omnirom.
“Howto’s you will find here in forum”, what do you mean? Is there a link where to start and try things on our own?