What about serranolte ? No build since a year!

What about serranolte ? Galaxy s4mini LTE

No official build published since a year ! e-0.13-n-dev
Not seen in the Upgrade list planned…
When divestOS is R for this device


Actually running a non-fully working e-0.18-r-unofficial
( alternative dialer needed, randomly paste feature )
it is the last pocket friendly and repairable device !

EDIT : @AnotherElk you are right, serranolte is the device i own (cost between 30€ and 60€), serranoltexx is the unified software (include variants)
e-0.19-n-dev is available for serrano3gxx and serranodsdd,
I don’t wear baggies everydays, sometime blue-jeans

so it is the last afordable AND easily repairable pocket friendly device from Samsung !

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Please be specific. serranolte isn’t even in the device list.
serranoltexx is, and it isn’t a maintained LineageOS device anymore … https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/serranoltexx/

“DivestOS is an unofficial soft fork of LineageOS.”

I’m all for doing what can possibly be done, but I guess /e/OS developers have some stuff to do before they go looking for unofficial LineageOS ports to continue support for a device from 2013, as desirable as this might be.

Pocket friendly is subjective. The repairable Fairphone 2 fits in my pockets just fine, actually the repairable Fairphone 3 does, too. Might also have something to do with the pockets, admittedly.

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unofficial LineageOS ports

Just because Lineage doesn’t build it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t updated on the official repos.
DivestOS is compiling official LineageOS device tress in this case:
I can’t post links without getting suspended. So check the LineageOS GitHub:

	<!-- Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (serrano3gxx/serranoltexx) -->
	<project path="device/samsung/serrano3gxx" name="LineageOS/android_device_samsung_serrano3gxx" remote="github" />
	<project path="device/samsung/serranoltexx" name="LineageOS/android_device_samsung_serranoltexx" remote="github" />
	<project path="device/samsung/serrano-common" name="LineageOS/android_device_samsung_serrano-common" remote="github" />
	<project path="device/samsung/msm8930-common" name="LineageOS/android_device_samsung_msm8930-common" remote="github" />
	<project path="kernel/samsung/msm8930-common" name="LineageOS/android_kernel_samsung_msm8930-common" remote="github" />
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