What am I looking for in / e /?



At the most basic level we want our mobile phones to receive and answer calls.
Add to this the next set of slightly more specific asks

  • Receive and send text messages
  • Send and receive emails from all my accounts
  • listen to music \ FM radio
  • browse the net
  • use apps like Twitter, Whats app, Instagram or whatever app it is that is currently popular
    A mobile OS should be able to support all these requests and more. As a user I want that as I browse/ read / share information with my friends and the world my personal information is safe.
    This is the area where we as users felt let down by google. This is where / e / comes in. The OS has been built with the intention of keeping the user data safe from prying eyes.
    A growing community of users spread across the globe are daily checking and reporting glitches and areas where the apps or OS needs to be strengthened. This forum and some of the issues raised on Gitlab are indicators of this active role played by the users. While I understand that / e / as of today is not perfect, with the support and guidance of all the users I am sure it will be able to iron out these vulnerabilities.
    With / e / on my mobile I feel safe.


@Manoj pretty much agree to your points. I also have some more vision to /e/. In your own writing you have mentioned that you want your data to be safe and that is where Google has failed. Now I want the same sense of security as well. But it is not only Google that has failed us all there but its entire ecosystem such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ,etc., I dream of /e/ creating a credible platform which F droid has failed to deliver ; which Ubuntu Touch has failed to deliver; which sailfish has failed to deliver, which Tizen and other myriad initiatives has failed to deliver.
I am counting on /e/ to create an app market to encourage development of FOSS apps. With enough consumers adoption and an opportunity for some amount of monetization this should be doable. I believe elementary OS is taking baby steps in this direction in Linux world. I would like something similar here.


I do not know where write so write here, sorry.
Question to the creators of E ROM. Is it possible to add a Phone to the application (in it
settings) there is an item barring. Add as options: lock -
unknown numbers (blocking numbers that are not in the contact list), hidden
numbers (blocking calls from hidden numbers), pay phones (calls from
automatic phones), unknown numbers (blocking calls from undetectable
numbers’.) Calls and messages from blocked numbers will not be received. Seen
such HAVOC in the OS, PAC-OS, MoKee OS.