What are the rules/time limits to edit my own topics and posts

Recently I posted a topic in buy-sell-swap and a few days later I wanted to edit it, but could not, so I replied to my own topic as a workaround.

Now I want to withdraw the topic or at least be able to edit the title and I can’t.

Can someone tell me what the rules and time restraints are on being able to edit your own posts please?

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There is a 5 minute time period for editing the post for users. These are the default settings on discourse.
Let me know what is the change you want to make in the post and I can make the required edit.

Hi @Manoj,

Please could you edit my post for selling Oneplus 3T as “Sold”

Many Thanks

Done…let me know if the topic should be closed now.

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Ah, yes please. Phone gone now…

@manoj Can you also explain how to create a post that is permanently editable.

I am making a howto, and expected it to remain editable by me forever, but it is not…

Once you have created the post , send me the link and I can mark it as a wiki. That way it remains editable permanently.