What can we do to spread the word the best way

Hello everybody ,

Since a few weeks now, i’m wondering about how we, as a community, could help spread the word about /e/.

There are plenty of questions asked by new users that found helpful answers here. Regarding the default apps for messaging, the app store, the bliss launcher, every thing find an answer that fit the nerds of the community, in a well organiwed and very easy way.

Yet, one topic remains, to me at least, a big question mark for new or recent users: camera efficiency and photography with /e/.

I can recall this topic (but can’t locate it though I didn’t search) where a user made a comparative post about the different apps used to make photos and how the results look so different. It’s about efficiency and adjustments that could definitely pull the balance on /e/ side. To me, it definitely is. This is why I only use /e/ on my spare (but used on a daily basis) phone, a Oneplus One, and not on my Oneplus 6t.

So, I was thinking about creating a page on /e/ website where we could show the results of photographic tests with different apps on different (preferably, every single one with supported ROM) phones using /e/.

We have beta-testers and coders and devs. We should be able to get members of the community able to shoot with selected (via a poll maybe?) apps, following some kind of a pre-written model in order to make everything real clear for new-comers and noon users, shouldn’t we?



Hi @Gregoire
You can organize events and activities in your area or spread the word in your friend circle

We are checking with Mark Harman the developer behind OpenCamera and asked for his help to improve the Opencamera app for various devices used on /e/ . Discussion still in progress.

We have a category called Gallery where users can post their OpenCamera photos.


Great news.
Though, sometimes, depending on the device, Open Camera is not the best option. Would it be possible to do the same with devs of the other apps?

Yes, thank you :slight_smile:
But somehow, I don’t feel like it’s really in the light of /e/ communication right now, though it should be, imo. Because there are so many smartphone users that are digging devices for photography. It could help to show the skills by devices with, for instance, a comparison.

I’ll try to make a comment here with an exemple. It probably will be easier to understand. We will be able to think together if it’s an option that we intend to multiply for supported devices, or just a fancy thing that doesn’t help that much. :slight_smile:


If there are good open source cameras that users can point out and their developer names we will definitely get in touch with them. If the developers are willing to help that would be the best option for us.


Hi @Gregoire, I really like this idea!! Please take the initiative to establish this, I will be an immediate fan!

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Doing my best with a busy busy schedule :sweat_smile:

May I suggest to add a button “share link” to the embedded app “/e/” ??

Beside the news and help specific for /e/ users, I find many interesting topics on trackers, apps useful to make friends aware of the privacy problems ( the “double reading” cited by Shoshana Zuboff).

I will really appreciate an efficient way to send links to friends. You know, we are all affected by lazyness: I can’t send snapshots of this forum and hope that friends search for the text (using goolag !!)



When you touch the ‘date’ (top right, thin grey) of a post there’s a link you can copy and two sharing icons : twitter :roll_eyes: and mail. Did you ever try ?

Or the Share button on each post.

Oh yes, true, back left with ‘Love’ one. Light grey too.
I never use it…

Thanks. Is it correct that the link must report also the username ?

No, the username is just for the forum to know that the shared link (and visits due to this link) comes from you.
You can remove the username if you want.

Thanks. Still learning (and enjoing so much this air of freedom !)

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