What Country is Murena One and Two manufactured?

Can we have some honesty here. What country is the Murena phone manufactured in? Once and for all END the speculation please.

I don’t like your tone and what speculation ?

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You don’t like my tone? LOL.

Ok, I will give you the benefit of doubt…

What country is the Murena One and Two manufactured in? France? USA? Korea? Vietnam?

People have asked this before and no one wants to answer that rightful question.

Are you still offended?

I think there is no reasonable doubt that these are assembled in China. The question is just how many closed-source components like drivers or firmware blobs are running aside from the main OS and how much of an issue that is in practice, considering that the other phones available to us are likely no different in that respect.

If on the other hand you are concerned about sustainability or human rights, a refurbished or used phone or one of the Murena Fairphones is going to be a better option no matter the answer to your question.

Maybe you try to point something, and all I know is this)

One concern is the closed-source components as you stated. It has become a habit of mine to know the country of manufacture before I make a purchase. I was thinking of purchasing the Murena Two, since I own a Murena One, but will not until the Country of manufacture is disclosed. In fact I may move to another make in a month. That is my right to chose what I purchase as a wise, knowledgeable, and informed consumer.

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Guess we will have to wait until the first boxes with “Made in …” labels reach customers.

I, too, find it a bit odd too that they chose not to disclose the manufacturing partner, as transparency is so essential to building trust in any system that claims to be privacy friendly or secure. In my opinion they have a lot more to lose here than they have to gain, especially considering that a large fraction of their current audience is likely to err on the paranoid side if in doubt.

Hi @jes,

The Murena 2, like the Murena 1, is assembled in China.
Even if the device would be assembled elsewhere, it is likely that all or most components required to produce the phone would come from China or Taiwan.
We are looking to assemble in Europe in the future, but it is too early to share more details.


Thank you Alexis!

Is there a way Murena or /e/ foundation verifies the closed source components for the phones are not doing “more” than what they are supposed to do?


You’re right. The source of components is essential. I’ve not doubt many components go well beyond their initial function. No phone or smartphone, whatever its operating system, is secure because that would require mastery of each component of the smartphone.

To answer your question today only HMD assembles its smartphones on a European platform


Thank you Jean-Philippe.

Be safe.

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