What device vendor is the "Murena One" device?

A person I know wants to buy a pre-installed /e/ OS smartphone because these devices come with a warranty, while if they bought a compatible android phone and had me flash /e/ onto it, they’d lose their warranty from the manufacturer.

Anyhow, I was consulting them into buying an OnePlus Nord, but I saw this device isn’t even for sale any more. Now there are several small-series manufacturers which don’t produce hundreds of millions of devices of each model, and in my experience (remembering the Gemini PDA), those small series productions often are unstable and come with errors (even in hardware) which won’t be fixed, make the device freeze or reboot without being prompted and stuff like that…

So I wonder about TeraCube, this sounds like another very small vendor. It feels a bit like Alcatel, which also always produced very unstable/low quality devices (at least when you don’t consider old car phones from SEL Alcatel in Germany from the 80s and early 90s, those were fine, lol).

So basically, I thought of the “Murena One” device, but there is no information about which manufacturer produces this device, or how it’s called if one were to buy the Android version of it. Can someone please shed some light onto it? Is it another small series device with questionable reliability/quality, or is it from a mass-manufacturer like Samsung, OnePlus and so on, which are usually much more stable in their hardware?

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I don’t have a Murena One, so I don’t know the answer, but one could run getprop from Android’s terminal emulator to get a lot of miscellaneous device info. It might contain a clue to the manufacturer.

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We talk about it there :


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The same here, but I searched for it. Here is a link: Murena one: where is it build?

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But the topic is closed now.

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Yes it was that one. And yes no conclusion :pensive:.
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One could open a new topic to continue the discussion…

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Ask a user who said (in another discution) " i own a murena one "

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To resume a bit the conversation started here (Murena one: where is it build?) and continued on this topic, I found a very interesting article written by @GaelDuval here:

We can see that he is concerned about social and environmental issues. And I am more than happy about it. That’s why I’m surprised that we can’t have a clear answer about the origin and the manufacturer of the murena one.

Hope we’ll have an answer soon :slight_smile:

Please WHAT IS THE ANDROID DEVICE CODENAME of the Murena One device ?

it can be found easily in android -->Settings -->About phone -->Android version

one? … https://ota.ecloud.global/builds/full/stable/one/


From the official google supported device list
I can find too occurences for a device called “One” but not “one”



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Good idea, but That does’t look matching !
Screen and Camera seems different

Could it be here in the manifest ?

Wasn’t it already established in the other topic that it looks a lot like a Coolpad Cool S, but officially isn’t one? … Murena one: where is it build?

So probably from the same OEM rack with some customisations …




I have read that, but naively trusted Manoj’s refutation.

With 30 matches for “priv” in this manifest it looks like a good clue.

This led me to https://ota.ecloud.global/builds/full/stable/one/e-latest-r-one.zip.prop which downloads an interesting “properties” text file.