What difference between `dev` and `stable` branch makes SafetyNet fail?

With the update to 1.0 it was announced that SafetyNet would pass on stable devices.
Sadly, my FP3 with 1.0-q-dev does not pass.
I’m not complaining, since I’m not actually on the stable branch, but I wonder:

What is the big difference between the stable and dev release for the same device that makes SafetyNet fail on dev although it works on stable?

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Hello @ljahn I have just updated my FP3 to v1.0-r-dev, it does now pass SafetyNet it didn’t on v0.23-r-dev. I was even able to get an banking app running after reinstalling with App Lounge, which refused to work.
Would it be much of a hassle to upgrade manually to R?

I did some digging myself to find out what the reason could be.

It seems one difference is that “rooted debugging” is deactivated on 1.0-q-stable, but not on 1.0-q-dev (I confirmed this, I have access to a stable device as well)
This issue and the corresponding forum post indicate it was removed lately.
This documentation request further suggests it was done to pass SafetyNet. Sadly, it does not make it clear if this is the only difference, it also mentions “some logs”.

I find it interesting that the sources suggest there are some dev versions where rooted debugging is disabled. While I wish this would also be the case for me (because I (mis)use the dev version as a daily driver :wink:) I can also understand people who don’t like this, because they specifically chose the dev branch, because they want more control and therefore really need this option.

@mihi What about you, do you have the option for rooted debugging in 1.0-r-dev?
Currently I have no plans to switch to R, I would only need SafetyNet for one App that I can circumvent by pleasing our German bureaucrats with some paper mail, but thanks for the suggestion :+1:

I don’t see any ‘rooted debugging’ in the developer options at all. Any other way to check that?

No, if it’s not there, it’s not active on your phone.
So this really is at least one part of the difference between dev and stable

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