Rooted Debugging got lost on update to version 0.23

For me the feature “Rooted Debugging” got lost by the update from version 0.22 to 0.23.
Can anyone confirm this?
Is this intended behavior?

More details:
In version 0.22-r-20220224165878-stable-FP4 debugging looks like that:

So as expected there’s a “Rooted debugging” line + slider below the “USB debugging” line.

In version 0.23-r-20220413178020-stable-FP4 it looks like that:

So the line “Rooted Debugging” under the line “USB debugging” is missing!

I might create a gitlab issue in case it’s not intended and happens on other devices too…

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Rooted debugging is still there - and working - in my unofficial r build for lilac, built from the v0.23.9-r tag. I’ll check on some other devices running official builds later today.

However, all of the are dev builds rather than stable

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I confirm (I have a non-rooted FP4 with your same version of 0.23).
If it’s a wanted behavior, this could be the reason why now app like italian CieID works for FP4 and not in other device, as wrote @nottolino.


Yes, at least on dev builds the setting still seems to be there.
I’ve just found it on a FP2 with 0.23-r-20220404175826-dev-FP2 installed.