What do you think of /e/ calendar app?

Hi all,

After few months using it, I can’t say I am really happy with the default calendar app.

For example, if I want to create an event by clicking on the date, it doesn’t work.
When I open the calendar on “month setting” it just opens a random month … I have already missed some appointments this way … assuming that the month I was looking at, was the right one …
When I want to add an appointment using “+”, why the default settings is not the date of the day ??

Is there a way to make my life easier or should I just use an other app ?

Hi Marine, Perhaps it’s related you the version for your device. On my Moto G 3rd Gen it always opens on the correct month and with the correct day highlighted.

It could be worth raising a new issue at https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/management

On my Fairphone:

  • it does open on the current month. exept when I’ve just added an entry in another month, and then re-open the app, then it puts me back to this other month.
  • yes, clicking on a day in the montly view does not open a ‘create new entry’ form. It opens the list view that lists my appointments starting from that day. From my experience, that’s fine.
  • however when adding an appointment using the “+”, sometimes it is the correct date of the day I clicked but often it is not. This is a bug, and it’s a bit annoying.

Thanks for your answer.
I just figured out that it was possible to create an event by long clicking on a day on the monthly view :slight_smile:

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Oh! Indeed! Thank you.
It defaults to an All day appointment. Could probably be improved, although i don’t know how.

yes could defintly be improved… but you can easily click on modify instead of save and change the settings … Still better than before for me :slight_smile:

I use the calendar app. Its the ‘etar’ calendar from fdroid… Its sync’d via DAV to my nextcloud calendar. So if I delete my DAV sync, no calendar events on my phone… Just installed e on LeEco S2.

Apparently birthdays that are entered in the address book without a year don’t show up in the calendar. This seems very illogical to me: I don’t need – nor want – to know the year of birth of all of my contacts, but I want to be able to remember their birthday. Could this behaviour be improved?

Hi @cliovincent, pl raise it as a bug here so that the dev team can have a look and resolve it.

I totally agree with you :slight_smile:

Done! Thanks a lot for your quick reply.

That’s on most contact apps the same. You allways have to.add a (fake) birthyear. It’s not e related.

But when you add a birthday in contacts and pick the day and month from calendar window the actual year is added automatically. And everything is fine

That might be the case, but then I would say: let’s make our /e/ app better than those other apps! If the Contacts app allows users to enter a birthday without a year (which I think is a great option), I cannot think of a reason why those birthdays wouldn’t show up in the calendar.

That’s really easy, because EVERY appointment in calendar needs a year. Or have you ever added an appointment in any calendar without a year ??

Yes of course: yearly recurring appointments – such as birthdays :wink:
Think of a “real” birthday calendar on paper: one can always add a person’s birthday without specifying a year, by just writing that person’s name on the correct day of the month.


Nothing in computer world is like the good old paper era

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