What does Microg reveal about me?

Hi /e/ !

I tried to understand what Microg does with precision, but I couldn’t;
the various links on the website (microg.org) with details of the components, point to the Github pages, where of course, there are references to the code and other things that for me, who I am not a developer or programmer, are a bit difficult to understand.

So actually, my question is very simple:
what is my informations that Microg uses to work, and above all, which of these then, it gives to google to use their services?

I mean, can I be sure that using Microg won’t give my datas to google?

Grazie e ciao!!!

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I can’t answer you technically as I’m simply another user, but I do know that you won’t be using MicroG if you have no apps which have to use Google’s Services.

All preinstalled apps and most from F-Droid do not use MicroG.

But if you use any app that does use Google’s Services, so MicroG, the information sent will depend on the app itself.
That information is sent to MicroG is sent to Google. The only difference, AFAIK, is that they are not Google.

I think it will be better to ask in MicroG forum or telegram group. The only thing I know is, that microG is needed for most apps with push messages. Therefore microG is connected to goolag push server. MicroG is telling, that it will remove all your personal informations when using the link to goolag server. I don’t know if it is true, because I’m blocking all connections to any goolag server via TrackerControl. Now I’m getting no push messages from Protonmail, but that’s OK for me

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I asked in the telegram support group (t.me/microg), and one guy answered me with a reddit thread where at least it explains a bit better what Microg does and how it is configurable (https://www.reddit.com/r/privacy/comments/copx89/is_microg_ok_privacy_wise/)