What does "network may be monitored" message mean?

Noticed a new message in the pull down menu today.
“network may be monitored”
Is it unusual / anything to worry about?
I installed Brave and protonvpn recently, maybe related to them.
Using /e/ 18Q on gigaset gs290

if you go to
Settings → Security → Encryption Credentials → User Credentials
does it list an entry?

Yes it has httpcanary ca certificate

you can use this to look at Apps SSL traffic. Maybe some tracking blocker installs these or the App with this name (“HttpCanary”) itself?
I don’t think it’s Brave or ProtonVPN.

I wouldn’t install a User CA that I didn’t create myself though.

Strange, I haven’t installed any apps called httpcanary, or tracking blockers apps either.
I deleted it. Will see what happens :thinking: (surprisingly there is no ‘tin foil hat’ emoji :smile:

From some of the posts I see, the ‘tin foil hat’ emoji should be the logo for the forums :wink: