What does sideload means when installaling E/OS on a Oneplus 6?

I was reading through the installation instruction for E/OS on the Oneplus 6 to see if I think I am capable to do that.
I do not understand what "Sideload means? Does anyone know?

This is the text on the website

In some cases, the inactive slot can be unpopulated or contain much older firmware than the active slot, leading to various issues including a potential hard-brick. We can ensure none of that will happen by copying the contents of the active slot to the inactive slot.

To do this, sideload the copy-partitions-20220613-signed.zip package by doing the following:

  1. Download the copy-partitions-20220613-signed.zip file from here. It should have a MD5 sum of 79f2f860830f023b7030c29bfbea7737 or a SHA-256 sum of 92f03b54dc029e9ca2d68858c14b649974838d73fdb006f9a07a503f2eddd2cd.
  2. Sideload the copy-partitions-20220613-signed.zip package: * On the device, select Apply Update, then Apply from ADB to begin sideload. * On the host machine, sideload the package using: adb sideload copy-partitions-20220613-signed.zip
  3. Now reboot to recovery by tapping Advanced, then Reboot to recovery.

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Sideload is the name of the command in adb software that can grab multiple partition images on android device

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Thank you Piero. So when I copy the file to the SD card and start in recovery mode I can apply update from ADB?

If you copy the file to a SDcard, then, you don’t need adb,
But just booting in recovery mode and “install from /external_sd” (using TWRP) or “apply update from SDcard” (using recovery-e)

Thank you Piero. Just read Oneplus 6 does not have an external SD card so I guess adb is necessary.

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