What does the beta status mean for telephony?

I understand that /e/ is in beta, and I know what beta means in general. But how does that apply to the telephone functionality? Would an /e/ device be as reliable for making and receiving phone calls as any other cell phone?

Making and receiving regular cellular phone calls always works flawlessly for me. No issues.

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I have been using /e/OS on my daily driver for more than a year now without any issues. We use the term beta to signify that all apps are not perfect as of now. That being said nothing should stop you from using /e/ on your device.

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I’m using /e/ on my daily phone too, and it works quit well. The best thing to do is test on your device. You will probably face an issue or two, depending mainly of what apps you want to use (you won’t be able to login in snapchat for instance).

But all basic things work without a problem.


Also don’t use /e/ on a notched phone because alignments of OS and apps are disastrous. Use /e/ for general full screen phones, regardless making and receiving phone calls works flawlessly and is reliable of course.

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