What does the (system) app "root" do?

In NetGuard I see that an app called “root” is trying to connect to the internet, in particular to the domains “mirror.cyberbits.eu” and after I used Threema for a bit to “g-80.0.threema.ch”. So far I have blocked these connections.
Can you say what this app does and why it connects to the internet?
When searching for “root” all discussions involve rooting my phone which this question is (hopefully) not about.
I think I have not rooted by phone, at least not consciously.

I suspect that it is not a e/os specific question because I’ve found those questions which unfortunately didn’t get a (satisfying) answer.

Maybe you can more generally answer, where I can find a general description of all system apps, something like man on Linux.

Update: it also tries to connect to my calDav-provider website (selfhosted website). So it looks like other apps like DAVx5 use “root” to connect to their respective destinations. Still it’s totally unclear to me, why, how and what “root” does with it.

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I don’t see an App called “root” … App list including system Apps …

/e/OS 1.3-q-20220825213388-dev-FP3

You’re right. I don’t see it in the apps list either. So this answer that says that it’s not an app but the root user, seems to be right.

Then the question is: what does it mean when this root user tries to access the internet and how can some apps (DAVx5, Threema) use this user?

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