What I think Android lacks in perfection

Here’s a screenshot of the magisk modules I’ve installed, and I wish I didn’t have to install them but that they were integrated natively.

Firstly, “Logdisablerlite” because my Android ROM for xiaomi10T lite is a “dev” branch and so it risks making a lot of useless log files which can reduce the phone’s memory life (limited number of rewrites).

Secondly, mulchSystemWebview, as the MulchSystemWebview implementation is not natively supported (a webview with more privacy options enabled by default).

And finally, universalSafetynetFix and Shamiko (to hide root), as Safetynet doesn’t work by default, unlike some CRDROID Roms.

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Has anyone verified that logs are being generated by default?
Logs, if I am not mistaken, are written to /data/misc/logd/.

In Developer Options there is a ‘Store logger data persistently on device’. In my case it is off by default.

Also there is ‘System Traces’ setting (logs stored under /data/local/traces/).
Under that setting is a ‘Long traces’ option to have data stored continuously. That is off by default.

I do not believe you need that Magisk module unless the built in settings do not work.

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Not quite sure if it is identical, my hlte Android 11 offers a “Logger-Puffergröße” (Protokollpuffer) which is set to 256.000 by default but there is also an off option. Also not sure where it is stored if enabled.

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