What is a good Matrix client for /e/?


I’m new to Matrix and I couldn’t find any Matrix client app from the /e/ App store.

If someone here uses Matrix with an /e/phone, what client from the /e/ App store do you use?

The “standard” Element/Riot is on F-Droid.

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Thanks! So I just asked for im.vector.app in the /e/ Apps store and will wait for it to be uploaded.

EDIT: Already asked by someone else but not published yet

of interest to this discussion:

[I’m maybe running off-topic but I find it interesting]

Mattermost is not mentioned in this article. It is an opensource and self-hostable alternative to Slack. What is the benefit of using Matrix/Element instead? Will a company be able to federate its own instance with the instances of its clients? Other reasons?

no idea. I think RocketChat is also an open-source alternative to Slack. THis article was just of interest to me because
A) it means Matrix/Element will get a big influx of money and will thus become better
B) it means European governments are starting to move towards self-hosted, open-source, privacy-safe, EU-based solutions for their IT - a good sign for /e/ also