What is a minimal nouget?

I’m looking at purchasing an older phone, and the /e/ OS requirement for some of them are ‘minimal nouget’. What exactly is a ‘minimal nouget’? I read somewhere it’s anything prior to Oreo 8.0. Is this correct? Specifically, I am looking at older Motorola phones, running Lolipop, etc.

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Minimal Nougat seems to be a lite version for device with small Internal Storage,
( without the default Maps_System_App_Magic_Earth )
in the past, there were some Unofficial-Mini-Pie experiences with strong minimal default apps .

MINIMAL_APPS is a parameter we pass during building the /e/OS ROM for certain devices. These devices as correctly mentioned by @piero have less internal storage. This makes it difficult to build the /e/OS ROM with all the default applications for these devices. For such case we add an extra parameter during the build which is MINIMAL_APPS. What that does it it removesLibreOffice viewer, PDFViewer, Maps and Weather from the ROM and makes it possible to build for the device. This is only available for nougat builds as of now.

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OK thanks guys! So after looking at all the OS versions /e/ works with it seems evident that ‘minimal nouget’ is anything before Oreo.