What is the best calendar to migrate to?

I am a newbie with /e/ and not particularly “litterate” in the tech lingo … so my apology for the following ‘basic’ message … yet circumvoluted! At the moment i keep changing my sim card from my /e/ fairphone to my android samsung as I am not quite trusting i have everything running on me /e/ phone!

I am currently using:

  • thunderbird on my Mac (moved from macmail) for emails (proton and a couple of work ones)
  • thunderbird calendar (which I am not sure is online anywhere so at the moment each entry in thunderbird I invite myseld on my googlecalendar too to make sure it is saved somewhere!?)
  • I still have a google calendar (not on my phone though) and happy to get rid of it once I have an alternative sorted out.
  • I have moved from googledrive to nextcloud for data storage

=> Which calendar could I use so it can synchronise between thunderbird on my desktop, and my fairphone /e/ ? Proton calendar? Nextcloud? /e/? other???

It feels all a bit mundled up …
Basically I’d like to be able to have calendars between laptop and phone as well as being able to share calendar items with work and family.
Not sure if it all makes sense.

Thank you for decrypting all this!

Not sure I understood it properly, but any DAV calendar should work.

I would start using the calendar embedded in /e/ cloud.

Be prepared to install DAVx5 to synchronise it. AFAIK, the /e/ account (a fork of DAvx5) do not work properly on some devices.

And to install “cannotRememberWhat-I-will-tell-you-later” on Thunderbird.

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My answer to your question might get a bit technical, but I hope, it will help.
Calendar software is usually separated in two parts (Client–server model - Wikipedia):

  • a server, that stores all calendar data
  • one or more clients that access the calendar data of the server (read + write)

Calendar Servers can be:

  • google calendar as you pointed out in your third bullet
  • Nextcloud with the Calendar-addon
  • sabre/dav
  • SOGo
  • Proton Calendar
  • Microsoft-Exchange-Server

Calendar Clients can be:

  • Thunderbird on your computer
  • Webinterface of Nextcloud
  • Calendar App of /e/
  • Calendar App of other phones
  • Webinterface of Proton Calendar
  • Webinterface of SOGo
  • Microsoft Outlook

A Calendar-Client communicates with a Calendar-Server using the CalDAV protocol (Exchange + Outlook use a different protocol). The idea is that whenever a client changes something, the change is saved on the server and changes on the server get propagated to all clients.

I am not aware of a method for synchronizing calendar entries between two servers. So I can not tell you how to continuously synchronize for example proton calendar and /e/-Nextcloud.
A few years back, I copied my calendar-entries from one server (SOGo) to a different server (Nextcloud) by the following method: I accessed the SOGo-Server with the Thunderbird-Client and exported all calendar entries to an ICS-file - then I imported the ICS-file into the Nextcloud-Calendar. However this was a one-time action.

Also clients do not exchange calendar entries with other clients.

So your question should be: “Which server should I use?”

You could use the /e/-Nextcloud server https://ecloud.global as you pointed out. As an alternative you could use Proton Calendar - or any of the other available servers.

Regarding your question about accessing work-calendar: you would have to configure each of your clients so that it can access your work-calendar-server.

Regarding your question about sharing calendar items with family: they would need to have access to the same server as you to - only then a simple exchange would be possible (For example the Nextcloud-calendar-server supports calendars that are shared between mutliple users). An other method would be to exchange ICS-calendar entries by E-Mail, but this would be user-unfriendly and error-prone.

And: Yes, your question makes sense - I tackled exactly the same issues a few years ago.


Thank you so much for your time and thorough reply @Markus . It has really put a lot of light in my confused brain and I am much clearer between terminology of clients and servers now!
So as I want to stop using the google calendar client I have to choose an alternative one.

1- Is there a site which compares the different calendar servers / synch / ease to integrate to calendar clients etc? So I can choose between nextcloud, sabre/dav, SOGo, proton?

2-I have been using the thunderbird calendar client on my desktop, but I have no idea which server my current content is saved on … if any! How can I check where my thunderbird calendar events are currenytly stored ? Then once located I guess that in order to back it up to a server I will have to save it to an ICS file?

I feel that I have worded my questions with a bit more ‘correct’ lingo this time! :sweat_smile:

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Thank you for this pointer @nottolino!
What do you mean by … :exploding_head:

I think maybe if you install the Nextcloud app on you phone, then incrementally on other devices, some of this will become clearer. I cannot answer your primary question, if I want to know something is in my calendar, I see the ink on paper. :slight_smile:

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Glad I could help.

Sorry, can’t give you any pointers. Integration into clients should be the same for all servers: You need the Server-URL, your login name and your login password.

Thunderbird creates a default calendar, that stores all data locally. If you did not configure a remote calendar-server, then all calendar entries are stored locally. In the Thunderbird-calendar-tab on the left side a list of calendars is displayed. For me the default-calendar is called “Home”. Try to view the properties of your calendar there. If the location looks like “moz-storage-calendar://”, then the calendar entries are stored locally.

That was the method, that I used.

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I meant “TBSync”, but I didn’t remember it this morning. It is a plug in / add on software for Mozilla Thunderbird.
It allows you to sync caldav calendars and tasks

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Thank you everyone ! Super useful tips which I am going to put into practice over the weekend! I have another 100 questions so if I don’t find the answers on those forums you might see me appear here again soon! :sweat_smile: The road to de-googling my life is not an easy path but one step, one tip, one question at a time!

I am new here.
I may be in the wrong location.
After trying the eos install one my OPO nord n10 5g failed a couple times. Was going to go back daily driver.
Been working though the setup and working with your murena. :slight_smile: When I try to connect my OneCalendar app it gives me the same error: Error adding to Nextcloud account. An error occurred while sending request: No response. How to fix that? :slight_smile:

2 Aslo is there a way to go back to the original
murena desktop. I lied it better. :slight_smile:
See the screenshots attached

Thanks and have a wonderful day.