What is the official Telegram App?

Hello, I’m trying to find out what is the “official” App for Telegram client. After searching, on the top, appears one, but the “creator” or “enterprise” is Unknown. Is it a fail on the App Store information? I don’t like that too much but the others are PWA or look like non-official ones. Thanks in advance!

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Hi, same question.

Aurora has two options for Telegram:

Telegram with ‘unknown’ as publisher - installs and works fine.
Telegram X with ‘Telegram LLC’ as publisher - does not install. - When I click install it shows “1%” then after a second the ‘install’ button returns, and nothing has happend.

Is the regular Telegram app okay to use?

Using gigaset GS290 purchased from e store.

I don’t know about that Telegram app, but personally, I would not install apps from unknown sources.

I had Telegram X installed on /e/ on my FP3 until some time last year and that worked just fine, so could be that the problem is only on your side.
However, since I uninstalled it (for privacy reasons) quite some time ago, I can of course not rule out that the current versions don’t work any more. It used to work, though.

There is also a version called Telegram-FOSS that you can find on F-Droid, if you happen to have that installed.
This version is built from the source code with some parts stripped out.
The main difference between the two is that the FOSS version does not support push notifications.

This is not true. Telegrams standard push notification solution (Google based) is removed, but an alternative is added back.
I run Telegram-FOSS and get notifications.

It is interesting that Telegram-FOSS does not show up in the search, because normally, the whole F-Droid catalogue is integrated into Apps. This should be investigated.

Ok, maybe it was changed since I’ve been using it. :wink:

I have Telegram and, I installed Telegram-Foss for certain (Edit: From Apps, I think from Apps, although I do not have a record to check whether is came from Apps or Aoura Store).

So, to check this post, I search Apps for Telegram and see that the author is “unknown”, but there is the offer to open my Telegram Foss.

The “small print” within Apps >> Telegram >> more… includes:

“Several proprietary parts were removed from the original Telegram client, including Google Play Services for the location services, HockeySDK for self-updates and push notifications through Google Cloud Messaging. Location sharing functionality is restored using OpenStreetMap.”

So I am reassured that my Telegram is rated 9/10, but surprised to see source “unknown”.


I you look in Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > Telegram FOSS and open Advanced, you can see a ‘Store’ field which tells you where it was installed from


“App installed from Apps” thank you.

It’s a bit confusing because when searched for in Apps the app is called “Telegram” (there is no Telegram FOSS or Telegram-FOSS) but under Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > it is called “Telegram FOSS”.

The ‘unknown publisher’ was a bit worrying for a newbie like me, but sounds like it is legit.
Thank you.

Thanks for the information and work done to solve a little bit more the “unknown” question

Good point to know better about your own mobile configuration! Thanks

This link came to me from Telegram. The trailer suggests I cut out App store and go direct!

Edit, I am not sure it is more secure, I suspect it might be less?

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I can’t suggest you official version of telegram but I can show you a site where you will get premium version for free with more security.