What is the plan for PWA support? Includes Add to Homescreen?



Hi /e/ team!
Following @gael’s post about Huawei and various things including PWAs I’d like to know more about the /e/ team’s plan for implementing PWA support into /e/. As far as I understand this requires two things in Android:

  1. The OS supports it.
    I believe Android does support PWAs out of the box, but I don’t know how much work is needed to make sure that /e/ can fully support it.
  2. A browser engine which supports it.
    My understanding is that PWAs use the browser engine of the default browser, but I could be wrong. My only experience of using PWAs is by the “Add to homescreen” function of Fennec/Firefox for Android. In this case I’m almost 100% sure that the PWA uses Gecko to render it, however if the PWA is installed from the Play store (or another Android store) then does it use the default browser engine or the default Webview?
    Both Firefox and the default Android Webview support PWAs, so what additional work is needed here to support PWAs? Do /e/ want to make sure that the new Blink based default /e/ browser (Bhromium?) supports PWAs?

Whatever the additional work needed, I would really appreciate it if /e/ can allow the “add to homescreen” function of Firefox and other browsers so can get PWAs direct from the source rather than have to get them through an app store. AFAIK PWAs through the Play Store are hideously bloated compared to the ones available direct from websites and are not always up to date.

I look forward to reading the plan!

Cheers :slight_smile:



For me PWAs works just fine from Brave. In Android itself, i never got PWAs from Firefox, didn’t worked.


That’s strange, they should work. Maybe it depends if to browser is default or not?