What is the status on the One Plus Nord system / OS upgrades?

Back in May, we started seeing issues with the periodic avici (Nord) OTA system upgrades. I did ultimately manage to successfully upgrade to the 1.0 version, but there never was a 1.1 version, and I see an outstanding “issue” forum thread for the 1.2 version.

Now I have the 1.3 upgrade downloaded to my phone for a week or so, and I haven’t seen anyone report any issues with it … but at this point, I’m leery. I have a working OS now. I’d like to hear from someone who has upgraded to the 1.3 version before I try it.

Has anyone installed the latest avici 1.3 OTA upgrade for the OnePlus Nord? Any issues?

Thanks in advance…

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I have it. I haven’t noticed any problems although I’m not using a Murena account so can’t say there are no problems there.

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Thanks, but just to clarify … you received the OTA system upgrade and installed that, right?

Yes, that is correct.

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Just FYI, I pulled the trigger on my own OTA system upgrade yesterday. I had a brief (10-15 minute) loss of all Internet connectivity (across 2 different WiFi channels and also 2 different phone data plans, and rebooted the phone 2 times) … eventually, one of the switches between WiFi or phone data plan options suddenly cleared it up, and since then, all Internet access is working fine, on both in-house WiFi and both phone data plans … it is possible that it was not even related to the system upgrade, but just bad luck/timing for some kind of local Internet outage (I didn’t get a chance to check if everything in the house was out, or just my phone).

So, apart from that (possible) hiccup, upgrade from 1.0 directly to 1.3 worked just fine.

Thanks, /e/-guys.

Any idea if updating OTA from the version 0.23 to 1.3 (the last stable one before Version Upgrade) work smoothly?