What to give up when switching to /e/ OS? (S10e)

Hi folks!

After investing quite some time finding a “new” device for my Sony XA2 (used Compact series before) I decided to buy a Samsung S10e now. It just arrived today and I played around with it and found many (new to me) functions and features that blow my mind like the picture quality, DEX, options for always-on-display and so on.

So… I am using /e/ OS already since a few years on my earlier Sony devices and I guess, that I was getting used to the abilities they have and maybe forgot about features they had with original firmware.

My question/fear is, what I will loose of that new features I found today when switching to /e/ OS.
Will the experience/available options be just the same as before with the Sony devices or will there be more and/or Samsung/S10e specific features “still be available”?

Like will camera be bad because of hardware only having 12MP + /e/ OS app compared to 25MP’ish sensor on Sony device? Autofocus slow on Sony because of hardware or camera app and will it still be “that much better” on the S10e with /e/ OS?

Sure, I can go back to stock OS if I want to. But bootlocker can not be locked anymore and thus I would not be able to return the device maybe if I find out after OS switch I don’t like it anymore (for the amount I paid).

What’s your opinion?

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Is available in /e/OS

That is not exact when reinstalling Stock software, bootloader will be automatiquelly locked

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Thx. Did not know this! =)