What's up with /e/OS-R + LG G5 H850?

After the OTA update and a complete reinstallation with /e/OS build V.1.10 failed (see above), /e/OS build V.1.7 and e-Recovery V1.7 were successfully installed again.

During today’s OTA update of /e/OS build V.1.11 the same errors occurred as with /e/OS build V.1.10. Also a reinstallation via adb sideload e-1.11-r-20230512289175-dev-h850.zip left a non-functional LG G5 H850. Only the e-Recovery build V.1.11 was able to work.

For another installation attempt, I extracted the custom ROM /e/OS-R e-1.11-r-20230512289175-dev-h850.zip and ddecompressed the system.new.dat.br file to get the system.img file as the final result. This system.img file and the boot.img file were then installed on the LG G5 H850 via fastboot flash. The result was as disappointing as the previous installation attempts: My H850 only booted into the /e/Rocovery, but not into the system.

For comparison:
Fresh clear installation with lineage-19.1-20230514-nightly-h850-signed.

Flawless startup and perfectly functioning without FM radio.

:on: Basic requirements LineageOS Wiki

The LineageOS installation guide explicitly states that LOS 19.1 should only be used with the LG G5 H850 stock Android 7.0 firmware:

:warning: WARNING: Before following these instructions please ensure that the device is currently using Android 7.0 firmware.
If the vendor provided multiple updates for that version, e.g. security updates, make sure you are on the latest!
If your current installation is newer or older than Android 7.0, please upgrade or downgrade to the required version before proceeding …

Although LOS 19.1 also works with the LG G5 H850 stock Android 8.0.0 firmware for me, I did the recommended firmware downgrade to Android 7.0 firmware and completely reinstalled /e/OS V.1.11.

And lo and behold: /e/OS V.1.11 boots up to the animated e-logo. But then nothing goes on. After 15 minutes I aborted the sorry scenario disappointed.

The subsequent complete reinstallation of LOS 19.1 build lineage-19.1-20230514-nightly-h850-signed with lineage recovery works right away.

By the way: The reboot process of LOS 19.1 from the lineage recovery takes at most one minute and not 5-10 minutes as described in the /e/ documention.

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That is the behavior reported as an issue referred above and else. So, the outcome of your test is that installation of /e/OS fails independently of the LG Android firmware version, 7.0 or not, isn’t it?

Three months later headed from /e/OS 1.9 (update OK) to 1.14. The 1.14 update most probably fails too. I had not checked, but release logs does not reveal new changes on this matter.

I’ve made new /e/ installation trials - without success. Everything is the same - /e/OS ‘R’ e-1.10-r, 1.11, 1.12-3, 1.13 and 1.14 (Android 11) does not work. = Starts, but gets stuck in the animated e-logo = bootloop

Other CustomROMs work flawlessly including FM radio:

  • Android 11: crDroidAndroid-11.0-20230416-h850-v7.28_by_vortexhd03 + MinMicroG-Minimal-2.12.0-20230729 + Recovery TWRP 3.6.2_9-0

  • Android 12: lineage-19.1-20230813-nightly-h850-signed + LOS-Recovery 19.1

  • Android 13: lineage-20.0-20230827-nightly-h850-signed + LOS-Recovery 20.0

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Very good news … /e/OS-S 1.15

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The 1.15-unofficial requested a factory reset, due to the the unsuccessful decryption. Right, because it is an R to S upgrade.

Anyway, the e-1.17-r-20231111351093-dev-h850.zip is not fixed yet. Still endless booting.

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Thanks for this information. Well, there is an adequate respectable alternative based on Android 13: LineageOS-20.0-for-microG build 2023.11.07 from the Marvin Wißfeld Team.

@GaelDuval: A conversation with Marvin Wißfeld, microG’s creator and maintainer

@eDevelopersBlog: microG - What you need to know, A conversation with its developer: Marvin Wißfeld

Download link: