What's up with the forum performance?

thanks! unread page is quite helpful so it was missed :slight_smile: if your admin is in the know after having looked into it, this user is currently left hanging https://meta.discourse.org/t/unread-messages-doesnt-get-cleared/261613

:slight_smile: he is from our team that fixed the issue. So now he knows the solution.

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haha, of course :slight_smile: - https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/infra/web/discourse-theme/-/commits/main?ref_type=heads

Redis is used extensively in discourse as cache layer, was the issue somewhere there? endless curiosity

Something to do with one of the configurations on the server being off. Took some time to figure it out. Everything is a learning experience in development.


Interestingly I seem to have lost dark mode in the past day.
No doubt a temporary glitch.
#WhiteUIMustDie :sunglasses:

I feel a religious war coming on :wink: :crossed_swords: :military_helmet:

Just flashing back to the TeamBlackedOut days and their amazing themeing work, when dark mode was a rarity (still wear their T-shirt, faded as it is).
Remember that being their hashtag.

Forum performance is bad again from my experience. Read topics appear as unread and an ugly top bar is showing up.

I got this just now trying to access this very topic here …

… while other pages like Latest or Unread got 503 errors loading their JSON … but it seems this was resolved quickly … or happens temporarily, we’ll see.

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The team had posted a note on the forum about maintenance activity in progress. The site should be working normally now.