What's up with the forum performance?

I can’t pinpoint anymore when it began, but apart from the loading of text anything else in the forum performs unusually slow currently, and for a while already … loading of avatar pictures, translating links to titles/previews, marking visited topics, refreshing the “Unread” view etc.

Just now I got a pop-up saying “site is under extreme load, search is disabled, try again later” … so it seems the issue is not on my side.

What’s going on?


That’s what I was wondering! Glad it’s not just my phone. :joy: I haven’t had a pop-up though and it seems ok on the pc.

Actually , not ok on pc; it wouldn’t load a screeshot just now, lol.


I 'm having the same experience. I noticed the forum was slightly slower for a few days, but today it is very slow.


Glad to hear it’s not just me, thank you!

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So others are really noticing it, too, thanks for confirming.
Pinging @Manoj .

Yeah, page loads are taking forever, and lots of avatars don’t show.
It’s absolute murder on my eyes, because my font-darkening/font-enlarging FF extension won’t kick in until after the page is finished loading, and not even immediately after that.

P.S. No problem with the same forum software (Discourse) on another site’s forums where I participate.

I noticed these issues a few days back. Have reported it to the infra/ web team who are looking into this. Waiting for an ETA from them. It is seriously impacting the moderation /admin tasks needed to be done on a daily basis.


Also, ‘Unread’ and ‘New’ status and numbers do not change after reading messages.

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They do change, but somewhat late :wink: .

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Yes “somewhat”, I have one post, definitely read, showing unread, 11 hours old.

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Imagine my situation, where I read on an average about 100 posts in a day. Have read and read the same posts a couple of times and know some of them word by word :laughing:


In troubleshooting this issue I believe @petefoth’s observation about "‘Unread’ and ‘New’ status not changing is highly significant if happening to all. It would suggest that loading of pages is not primarily slow it is incomplete in some way so that forum users are not synced with the /e/ server, although transmission has stopped.

Although having added the original part of this contribution and removed a bookmark I refreshed the “latest” page. The status on Mozilla did show as “loading” for >15 seconds, but the sync did appear to time out, incomplete.

Has there been an update of the forum -software maybe?
Least since a few days I see a few differences in the appearence or GUI (on mobile) … e.g. when I click my avatar (upper right corner) what used to be organized in horizontal tabs has become a sidebar on the right. And there’s two new “buttons” at the very top of each page (donations and shop)

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I was just composing about the changes. My attempts at posting a screenshot are failing so you beat me to it.

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I marked this as the solution for the time being so that it is visible in the first post, and so we can just let the infra/ web team do their job.

That is the latest Discourse update to version 3.1.0.beta3 which has also been added. This issue is different and may not be related to the update of the Discourse version.


From just now the forum takes my browsers theme setting, it got dark never did that before. Browser did not receive any update :blush:

Looks like its fixed…



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Yes, the issues were resolved late yesterday evening. In case you are still getting errors on the forum, Pl do let me know.