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Dear Community,

Forword: I know we should not use whatsapp, however, since many of my contacts do not want to shift to other app, I still have to use it.

I would like to do backups of my message on whatsapp, but when I click on the save button I have an error. It says I have to give permission to whatsapp for accessing google drive
I don’t know how I do this, since on my accounts I have tested to have a whatsapp account, a microGaccount or a google account.

Do you have any recommendation for me?



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You need to allow apps to find your google Account. This is in the “Account” section of the Settings. Your Google Account will show twice, once as a Google account, and a second time as micro G.
If you click on the micro G one, there is the Option “Sign-in & security”.
There are two switches, I think, you only need the second one (“Allow apps to find accounts”) but I have both enabled, so I am not entirely sure.
hope this helps you

Thank you for your help.

Both are also enable for me, but below it is written: “Google account settings not yet implemented”.
So it seems, while enable, they are not implemented. I restarted the phone to check this, but it has not changed. Do you may have an idea how to implement this?

“Google account settings not yet implemented” is also displayed on my device, so I don’t think this is the reason… but I other than that, I don’t really have a clue (hopefully someone can help). I tried it on my device, and I have no problem with one Google Account (added the Account to Micro G, picked it in Whatsapp, everything works) while another Google Account failed, however with another error than yours.
My only guess is, that you could try another google account, but it’s jus a guess, and not a great solution
Sorry :grimacing:

I opened Whatsapp on a PC and I copy/paste in a .txt. It works for an important conversation
What do you think of this method?

Thank you both for your help.

I wanted to backup my message including the pictures so .txt is not an option unfortunately.
I also have a whatsapp account on my account list, should I remove it perhaps there is a conflict with microG?

It doesn’t sound convenient, but for important Chats its of course better than nothing (I can imagine, screenshots would also work)… I found a method, where you can backup the files without google, but I haven’t tried it yet (I will write when I have): In the Whatsapp App you chose ander: Back up to Google Drive: Never and then click Back up.
Then you find in the Files App under Android → media → com.whatsapp the folders Backups, Databses and Media. If you copie the files from the first two folders (the third too, if you want your fotos, audio philes etc) to your Computer and later back to your phone, After you opend the App once, but bevore you register your phone number.
It should work, and I will try it in a second, but I would at least backup the very important chats with another method (how you descriped it, ore with Sreenshots for example) in case it doesn’t work
Also you can (in the Whastapp App) to ChatsChat history and Export chat although I haven’t yet tried how you can re-import the Chat

Sorry, if my latest Answer is a little bit confusing, I misread CORTO333s Answer as yous.
Also here are the two links (I’m not sure, if i am allout to share Links). The first method (copying the Files) failed at my first dry. Whatsapp detected the (local) Backup, but failed, to restore it

Never mind, sorry again, I just noticed, that the second link is in German :grimacing:

thank you for the ideas. I will have a look to it (even if in German, no problem).


You can back it up automatically to your e/murena cloud using the Nextcloud app.

First, go to https://murena.io/apps/files/ and create a folder called “Whatsapp backup” (or whatever you like).

Then, on your phone, install the Nextcloud app and open it. Choose “Log in” and use “murena.io” as the server address. Log in with your murena credentials. Make sure you set the permissions the app ask you to.

Finally, press the menu button (upper left corner) and go to “Settings” → “Auto upload”. Press the 3-dots in the upper right corner and choose “Set up a custom folder”. For the “Local folder” use “…/Android/media/com.whatsapp”. For the “Remote folder” use the folder you created at the beginning. Set “What to do if the file already exists?” to “Overwrite remote version” and press “Save”.

Now, if you reset your phone, first install Nextcloud and set up the backup like above. Then, install Whatsapp and your conversations will show up automatically.

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Here’s the Nextcloud app. Because I’m a new user I can only use 2 links per post…

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