Whatsapp crash on eOS after transfer from iOS

I’ve just transfered my wa data from ios to eos by using iTransor for WhatsApp. This worked okay.
Now my Wa is crashing when I try to open it. I do believ this is due to the backup I try to load from my sd card.

I just want to know, if anyone has experience with this transfer methode or maybe know what I should do. Is there a crash log somewhere?

Indeed there is high chance the backup method is responsible.

You could create a log this way :

I hope you haven’t installed the most spying app in main profile. have you read the HowTo install whatsapp in shelter ??

Regarding backup. For some people the restore is working, For a lot of people not. So it’s a 50/50 chance to get the backup restored.

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I do have installed was on my main.
The way I chose to migrate my wa was with this itransor application. They do installiert a fake wa APP in Android. After my datas are recovery I habe to do a backup Witz this fake whatsapp delete these APP and installiert RhE real whatsapp and restore Form the backup.
I did that with RhE whatsapp shelter but it crashed all RhE time at RhE Start oft thE APP.
So i decided to installiert whatsapp in RhE Main but it crashed AS well.

To be honest I used whatsapp for a while in my IOS and transfered all contact to EOS. So whatsapp has already all Informationstechnik Form me. That why i decided to installiert it in RhE Main.

Now I think that I have to give up tring to rescue my old data’s. So I think I will install wa into shelter and start fresh from there.

If I delete WhatsApp from the main then I’m safe again, right?

And yes I die read the whole how to use WhatsApp under shelter

A little safer as before :wink:

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But still less safe than before installing the app?

removing WA is/was a good choice to be on the safer side. Now it can’t spy on you til you install it in shelter. Than it will break your privacy and will send all your data from shelter / shelter apps ‘home’

I have transferred datas from one phone to another for my friends before using this method:

  1. Old phone: data backup to google drive ( :hocho: :hocho:Yes I know we don’t say that word on this site…)
  2. login to G account in MicroG in the work profile
  3. install WA in work profile
  4. Open WA and select ‘restore from backup’


Don’t forge to logout of G account in Microg!!!

Thanks for the tip. But I installed was fresh, logged in and installed it in shelter.
What happened was okay for me. I lost all direct messages but this is not important and WhatsApp keeps me into all groups that I was in.
Yes the history is also lost but this is okay for me.
What I did is saving all contacts with nicknames into shelter contact. I feel better now.

I had apparently 91k messages in WhatsApp. So I’m glad to leave them behind and make a new start.

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Quick question, would you install all message apps into shelter?
I want to try some apps like signal, session etc…

I read about signal on wikipedia. It sound quite prommesing and solid. (Until it is sold to an tech company)

No, only spying messengers or apps. But keep in.mind, as more apps you install in shelter the more data will left your device

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What do you as an expert, think about signal?

Thanks for the flowers, but I’m only on normal user, no expert :grin:

Signal is (in the moment) not spying on you. There is no reason to install in shelter. Last year it was a default app of eOS

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Ah interesting. Why did they removed it?
That what I’m afraid of that it will probably starting spying on us as soon as a tech company will buy it.

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I real reason no one knows. The ‘big boss’ has decide to remove and the small people have done.

I recently migrated another persons Whatsapp history with media from iOS to Android. I used libimobiledevice for iOS file retrieval, adb root shell for pushing the modified sqlite db (skipping the decrypt-encrypt dance). Migration was done inserting into the target sqlite db and deleting some message types that could crash individual Whatsapp chats. No 3rd party app neccesary. I didn’t run into a crashing app at startup as the OP, using a “clean” msgstore.db before inserting that the app created itself helped I think. Will summarize the approach and link here, most components are online but not readily assembled.