Whatsapp - making it more private?

I dont want to use Whatsapp, but one PIA I need to correspond with only uses it.

Can I make it more secure? Can I have a dummy contacts list (app) that only has that name in it for Whatsapp to see? I don’t like giving out other peoples numbers. I don’t want others to see I am on Whatsapp and contact me on there rather than my preferred messenger apps. Anything I can do?


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I think you can decline to upload your contacts list. This should be OK if you’re only going to use it with one person. But really, all your data are belong to Meta. I would question why the onus is on you to use WhatsApp rather than the other person to accommodate your wishes.

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Maybe you can check here:


Thanks, to get in contact quickly, I downloaded Simple contacts, copied my contacts there, deleted my normal contacts except that one contact and didn’t allow Whatsapp any privileges. After all that turns out the contact isn’t on Whatapp, they are on Facebook Messenger - forget that!

Well said Sir/Madam. :sunglasses: :+1:

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Both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger feed into Facebook, so as far as I’m concerned, they’re both evil Evil.

@Confused, suggestion:
“Dear PIA friend,
Would love to chat anytime! I can be reached on Signal at my usual number.”

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This person has issues, so no chance of changing, but so many normal people I know, I can’t get off WhatsApp.

Even my iPhone crazy friends and relatives contact each other with WhatsApp! I point out that they pay a premium to have an iPhone and at the least should use iMessage, as its a step up from WhatsApp. But they are also all Facebook users, so are already lost.

Being the victim of attempted identity theft, and brought up to keep private stuff private, I closely guard my (and my customers) data.