Whatsapp not working cause of "Custom ROM" on Fairphone

Dear all,

I have to use Whatsapp to comunicate with farmers I’m working for.
Since 1.12.22 whatsapp wanted to be installed with a new version, which was, until now, never a problem. When I download it again now it is not working anymore. I also tried whatsapp business: it is saying that it cannot run on my phone, because my phone uses “Custom ROM”, but what does that mean?

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A custom ROM in this context is basically an (Android or not) operating system not certified by Google. This applies to /e/OS, LineageOS, IodéOS, CalyxOS etc. etc.

Have you tried manually installing the latest app version as an .apk from https://whatsapp.com/android?


Thanks, it works! :slight_smile: That was easy

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Thanks for the link, I unfortunately for a short period of time also have to use wazzap…