Whatsapp (Shelter) asking for device pin?

I have long used Whatsapp (running on my FP3 in Shelter) also on the laptop, but logged out recently (I think accidentally) and now I have tried to link Whatsapp to the laptop again.

It used to require scanning a QR code (displayed on the laptop) with the phone, but now when I choose “Link device” in Whatsapp on the phone, I am prompted to enter my device PIN in order to link the laptop.

I am wondering whether this is Whatsapp asking for my PIN - or the phone system itself?
(Probably a dumb question.)

I tried to screenshot the PIN-entry-prompt, but that gets me a message purporting to be from “System” saying

Couldn’t save screenshot.
Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the app or your organization.

Weird. (Otherwise it’s no problem to take a screenshot in Whatsapp.)

So I highly suspect it’s Whatsapp/Facebook/Meta/Our Shadowy Overlords wanting to obtain my device PIN, which makes want to not enter it, Shelter or no Shelter.

Or is it just a security feature they had to integrate, and doesn’t let them keep the PIN?

Wishing all a good day,

Could you enter the device pin and then change it immediately afterwards?

Wow, now there’s an idea! Thanks!

… feeling slightly dumb I didn’t think of that, but no matter. Mainly just grateful :smiley:

PS: (in case it’s of interest) I went to the phone’s Settings → Security and Privacy, and when I tapped Screen Lock/PIN, I got the same device PIN entry screen as before, when using Whatsapp.