When might we see availability in U.S.?

Just discovered /e/ project through youtuber “The Linux Experiment”.
I’m a long time Linux / FLOSS user, supporter and occasional developer.
Very interested in the /e/ project as a user and possible dev contributor,
but using your kewl tool in the U.S. does not seem to be supported.

How Soon for U.S. availability??

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Why not ?

Type « US » or « USA »in the search bar of the forum…
ok you can’t use all US market samsung device, but international samsung device are OK.
Others brand are OK too ( Motorola, Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus., Gogol…)

Use Oneplus or Xiaomi products in the US, totally supported! Only Samsung sh*t isn’t supported in the US.
I’m on the OP6T, loving it. It’s still the best price/hardware ratio out there imho

Welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Actually Samsung phones we sell in our shop would perfectly work in the USA, they are international. Sadly we don’t sell yet in the USA.

But indeed /e/OS can’t be installed on USA Samsung phones.

To know if a device would be compatible with /e/OS, just look at our devices page.

To know if a device would be compatible with your carrier, you can go to this website https://willmyphonework.net or this one https://www.kimovil.com/en/frequency-checker.

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