When my fairphone is shutdown and the battery is fully charged, my fairphone can not run if it is not connected to electric socket wall

Excuse my writed english.

When my Fairphone 3 is shutdown and is fully charged, my Fairphone can not run if it is not connected to electric socket wall or if I don’t remove battery and replace batterry.

In french: Quand mon smartphone Fairphone est éteint et complètement chargé et que je déconnecte le smartphone de la prise électrique mural et que j’appuie sur le bouton Power pour l’allumer, le smartphone ne s’allume pas sauf si je le branche à la prise électrique ou que j’enlève et remet la batterie.

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So you have got 2 batteries? If that is the case, perhaps one battery is faulty?

I have got 1 battery.

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I have got 1 battery. Perhaps my battery is faulty?

Do you think, I to order a new battery on internet?

Thank you.

If you do not know another FP3 user nearby to test another battery first, have a look here to see if there is a “Fairphone Angel” in your area: https://angels.fairphone.community

A question: Has your battery gone to 0% frequently (souvent)?

Not my battery did not gone 0% fréquently.

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I understand that your display stays black, but does it vibrate when you press the power button?

Thank you! It is solved.

Solved how?
(Might be interesting for others finding this topic with a similar issue.)