When will e/os software for Mi Lite 11 M2101K9AG be available?

it seems that e/os software is not available for Xiaomi Mi Lite 11 model M2101K9AG.
can you guys confirm please?
i can find Mi Lite 11 5G (renoir software) but it is different models according to the guide:

  • M2101K9G (A letter is missing)
  • M2101K9C
  • M2101K9R
    maybe it will work?
    what do you think?
    thank you.

It seems you have Xiaomi,Mi 11 Lite,courbet,M2101K9AG.You should not try to use a renoir ROM, different phone.

  • Source (for download) https://storage.googleapis.com/play_public/supported_devices.csv

Available Custom ROMs (not /e/OS) can be found on XDA, there is a very recent unofficial LineageOS, https://xdaforums.com/t/rom-14-unofficial-lineageos-21-14-february-24-courbet-courbetin.4656791/

and device trees:

Sometimes a very enterprising builder can find a way to port Unofficial Lineage to Unofficial /e/OS. /e/OS is not possible at Android 14.

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can you tell more about your sources link?
what is that csv file ?
seems to be scam thing or something

It is a very large file from Google being the public record of all Android / Google supported_devices with their device codename.

I will unlink it – but it is a very useful resource for getting reliable information on the software information and comparing it with marketing information.